Central Air and the Best Way to Cool Your Space

By: ROS Team

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Hot weather can make life miserable. The rise in temperatures outside is likely to make the interior of any living space hotter as well. Air conditioning is a must, but having a standard air conditioning unit may not almost be an option due to utility costs. Don’t sweat it other less expensive solutions can help you cool down a room.

What Does “Central Air” Even Mean?

Central air is defined as a centrally located system that cools and then directs the cooled air to multiple places viaducts. Most U.S. apartment buildings were built with central air conditioning units as standard apartment unit fixtures after 1975.

What Does “Central Air” Even Mean

Central Air Benefits:

  • Central air units provide better air circulation than a single room air conditioner.
  • The cool living spaces in the apartment uniformly as opposed to only cooling certain spots in a room with a room air conditioner.
  • Some units come equipped with programmable thermostats, which allow you to set your desired room temperatures at given times of the day.
  • Central air units a generally quieter than room air conditioners.
  • The Central systems serve a dual purpose of cooling the apartment in summer and warming it in the winter.
  • Central air conditioning units are less bulky and take up less room (the largest part of the unit is located outside the apartment).Central Air Benefits

Tips For Cooling Your Space:

1. Keep Window Blinds and Curtains Closed During the Day

One of the easiest (and cheapest) things you can do to stay cool when the weather is hot is to restrict the amount of sun that comes inside the apartment. For that purpose, install quality window blinds or thicker curtains on windows. Also, open them later in the evening when much of the sun’s rays no longer shine directly into your windows and temperatures have gone down.

2. Cook Outside

Another effective way to keep your apartment cool is to limit the creation of internal heat, which typically comes from stoves and ovens. Besides sunrays, the heat generated by cooking is the second largest contributor to warmer inside temperatures.

3. Install Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Lights bulbs emit heat when they’re on, and traditional bulbs radiate a lot of extra heat. Energy-efficient bulbs like LED bulbs emit less heat and make a better option for keeping living spaces cooler.

4. Use Portable Fans

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple portable fan when considering ways to make your apartment cooler. There is hardly anything more pleasant than a fan blowing its cool air directly on you. You can also charge and carry them where you go.

Tips For Cooling Your Space

To maximize any fan’s cooling power, adjust it so that it creates airflow. This is typically done by setting fans in multiple open windows. Doing so generates an air exchange that works more efficiently than simply turning on a fan.

5. Ceiling Fans

If your apartment has a ceiling fan, take notice of the direction in which the blades turn. For a cooling effect, make sure the fan spins counterclockwise.

Central Air

Final Words:

Thanks to modern technology, we now have multiple ways to keep our apartments cool as the temperature heats up. Consider combining our tips to help ensure you have a cool summer.