5 Tips To Follow For Virtual Apartment Tour

By: ROS Team

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Although times are tough, there are some essential things that cannot be neglected in these tough times. People would still be needing to move and look for places for themselves. The world has come to a standstill, and there are many restrictions and regulations that have stopped New Yorkers from living according to their wishes. While many activities cannot be carried out, shifting, moving, and looking for new rental apartments should not be one of them. On a daily basis, thousands of New Yorkers have roamed around freely on the streets of  NYC to look for apartments for rent. Of course, this was back in the days when the much-dreaded pandemic was not such a massive issue. Now, it is unthinkable to even step one foot out of your home without a hundred precautions.

Shifting, as of now, no matter how risky, cannot be avoided. This only implies to those who have no other option than to move. Times are tough, and not everyone is allowed to move at this point. Unless you have an important reason behind moving, you won’t be permitted.  If you are keen on moving on the grounds of better facilities, safer neighborhoods, and, most importantly, you are unsure about your current rental apartment; you can still think of moving. Otherwise, for everyone’s wellbeing and safety, people have been advised to stay put.

Virtual Tour

Something that would bother everyone amidst their plan on moving is not being able to physically look for apartments.  It might be a lovely and safe neighborhood, but it does not guarantee how good your residence would be. You must be aware of every nook and corner of the apartment before you finalize it. However, with the current circumstances, it is not even remotely possible for you to check every apartment personally. This is where virtual tours might help you. Given the current situation, it is much safer and would give you almost the same satisfaction; a personal tour gives you.

Here Are Some Tips on using Virtual Apartment Tour

1. Virtual Tours Are Easily Accessible

Unlike how it is generally assumed, virtual tours are simple and not complicated at all. If you can place an order online, you can get access to portals that have virtual tours. You can either go for the pre-recorded ones or opt for video calls, whichever way suits you. All you need to do is plan and decide on a time when the tour would be initiated through video calls.

2. Do Not Overlook The Doubts And Queries

Virtual tours are quite simple and clear. However, it is a virtual tour, and it might raise a lot of questions. You must remember that you must pay attention to details. Every tour seems great at first, but you must be cautious about everything. This is where the in-person tour benefits you, but that does not mean virtual tours are not up to the mark. Ask and get all your queries cleared. You are a client after all, and you must act like one, even during virtual tours. Some queries get raised after seeing the apartment, but other than that, you must have all your questions listed beforehand.

Clear Doubts

3. Do Not Miss Out on the Details of the House

Even though it is a virtual tour, this doesn’t imply that any critical aspect of the premises or estate should be missed out on… It refers to items like living rooms, lofts, and balconies, facilities (such as a spa, laundry room, or hallway), and the property surrounding.  Do not forget about the little details. Since you are not physically involved, make sure that the minor specifics of the property are also reflected on the interactive tour, like furniture, cabinets or storage facilities, the interior of the cupboards or the laundry, and also the window view.

You should be aware of all the cracks and crevices in your house. Focus on the kitchen area and the washrooms, they are the significant areas of any given property. Potential tenants may very well request that the owner or property manager is offering virtual tour conduct any duties that the occupant might undertake in person. It might involve putting on faucets, checking the interior of the fridge, dryer, or kitchen appliances, or opening and closing doors and windows.

4. Be Wary of all the Terms and Conditions

You must make sure of the apartment that you are about to rent. This would take you some time, but it is your apartment, and you should be sure about it before finalizing it. Therefore, requesting a tour that shows all the nooks and crannies of the apartment is not enough. It would be best if you got enough time to take a good look at the contract as well. Before you commence with the formalities, read the terms and conditions carefully. Request for a soft copy of the agreement and all the formalities linked to it.

terms and conditions

5. Watch out for Scams

If renters and owners interact online, all parties must watch out for rental fraud. Also, after a virtual visit, the owner must closely inspect the prospective resident, take particular measures if he or she has not had a chance to see the occupant in person. Tenants must always take note of these rental scandals and, most of all, ensure that the homeowner has a systematic assessment and monitoring procedure.


What is a Virtual Apartment Tour?

A virtual apartment tour is a digital tour of an apartment that can be viewed online, typically through photos, videos, or live video conferencing with a leasing agent.

What are Some Tips for a Successful Virtual Apartment tour?

Some tips for a successful virtual apartment tour include preparing a list of questions beforehand, testing your internet connection and device, being flexible with scheduling, paying attention to details in photos and videos, and asking for additional information or clarification as needed.

How Can I Prepare for a Virtual Apartment Tour?

To prepare for a virtual apartment tour, you should research the property and neighborhood ahead of time, make a list of your priorities and concerns, and prepare a list of questions to ask the leasing agent during the tour.

How Can I Get a Clear Picture of the Apartment Through Virtual Means?

To get a clear picture of the apartment, you can ask the leasing agent to provide additional photos or videos, ask for a 360-degree virtual tour if it’s available, and request specific measurements or details about the apartment’s layout or features.

Is it Possible to Negotiate Rent or Lease Terms During a Virtual Apartment Tour?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate rent or lease terms during a virtual apartment tour. You can discuss your budget and needs with the leasing agent and ask if there are any current promotions or discounts available.

Can I Sign a Lease for an Apartment without Physically Visiting the Property?

Yes, it is possible to sign a lease for an apartment without physically visiting the property. However, it is recommended that you do as much research as possible and ask for additional information or clarification before signing any documents.

Note: no money must not be transferred until the contract is signed.