What Is An Efficiency Apartment? Studio Vs Efficiency Apartments

By: ROS Team

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Do you aim to settle in the bustling metropolitan on a budget? You want to find some small living space within your financial limitation then a studio apartment or efficiency apartment is your best call. To be honest, such options are not only comfortable but also economical.

First, you need to know what each apartment type is before moving on to major differences.

Studio Apartment:

Studio apartments may vary in layout but essential features are the same. In the studio apartment layout, everything is in the same hall be it the kitchen or living room. The one-bed apartment has a separate living room and bedroom while studios have combined. The bathroom will be separated from the rest space.

You might face difficulty in entertaining guests in these types of apartments but a renter who lives alone is the best fit for these studios.

Efficiency Apartment:

Efficiency apartment is the small-sized version of studios. This type of apartment doesn’t have much-allocated space for your bedroom as you find in the studio apartment. The bathroom and kitchen are laid out separately.

Chief Differences Between Studio Apartment and Efficiency Apartments:

They might look the same when seen in the bigger picture, but there are chief differences between studio and efficiency apartments.


The area for the studio is generally around 450-550 square feet or smaller depends on the area where you live. While Efficiency apartments have small living space compared to the studios.

Kitchen Size:

Compared to the efficiency apartments, studios have a bigger space for the kitchen. And many studios have a full-size kitchen. In-studio apartments, the kitchen is fully furnished with your basic appliances.

On the contrary, inefficient apartments, there is some variation of a kitchenette. A kitchenette has less space compared to a kitchen and fewer appliances. If you won’t plan to cook, then efficient apartment suits you better.


This is where efficiency apartments lead to an advantage. There are lower rents for the efficacy apartment though not big enough. If your budget does not dictate you otherwise, then having studios won’t make a big difference from having an efficiency apartment in terms of money.


This type of studio is essentially meant to live alone. In a larger studio you might be able to adjust a roommate with some compromises but an inefficient apartment, it will make a living cramped up.

If you plan to live with a roommate or partner, you shall make your heart big and be ready to share personal space with them.

Pros of Living in an Efficiency Apartment:

Living in an efficiency apartment is not scary and holds many advantages over studios which might balance the equation for you. You will have the following benefits in an efficiency apartment.

  • Locality:

Yes, you may find a space in the heart of the city. This is the chief advantage. In the same budget, you might be able to afford a one-bedroom apartment a few miles away from the center. Living in the heart gives you added benefits. Every major need is at a walk’s distance.

  • Economical:

Another benefit is of course financial. The reality is, money is what dictates you to opt for the small space in the first place. And living in an efficiency apartment is likely to save extra rent.

It will also lessen your other spending like you would require less furniture.

  • Decluttering:

Where you have sacrificed on the space, here comes the exact return of the choice. You will be having a small storage space but at the same time, it has an opportunity to dispose of stuff that is not in use anymore.

  • Cleanliness:

Small space means a small mess to cater to. If you live in an apartment with a small area, you will have to clean a less portion.

Cons of Renting an Efficiency Apartment:

These benefits do not come without a price. You need to figure out where you can make the compromise once you know the disadvantages of an efficiency apartment.

  • Insufficient Space:

Space is the chief difference between the two. Space will be just enough for a person to live.

  • Inconvenient to Adjust Guests:

This is where you will feel a little taken back. While you can welcome guests at your place but there won’t be any guarantee of privacy for you.

  • The Smell of the Kitchen in the Whole Apartment:

Given the congested floor-plan, your kitchen is just a few feet away and if you missed the dishes once, you might not feel pleasant inside.

Searching for an Efficiency Apartment?

An efficient apartment can be found in areas where the unit size is smaller such as New York. Besides, you will be able to find efficiency apartments in the whole of the US as an affordable option for a renter.

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The living cost in NYC is notoriously high. Buying a home is not the only tough call but sustaining life in NYC is equally burdensome. Keeping the facts in mind, Efficiency Apartments are likely to bring comfort and convenience to your life.