What is a Quick Move in Home and What Are Their Benefits?

By: ROS Team

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Did you know that in 2023, new home sales surged by 4.2% to an impressive 668 thousand in the US alone? With such rapid growth in the housing market, it’s essential to navigate the ins and outs of quick move-in homes.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-time buyer, this blog will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed and efficient decisions regarding quick move-in homes.

What is a Quick Move In Home?

A quick move-in home is a new construction house that’s either already built or nearing completion. These homes are ideal if you need to move in fast and don’t want to wait for a traditional build. They may have been model homes or built without a specific buyer in mind, but they offer the advantage of a quicker move-in timeline.

Reasons for Ready to Move in New Homes
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What are the Benefits of a Quick Move-in Home?

Less Wait Time to Move In:  This is the biggest perk. You could be in your new home much faster than with a traditional build.

Potential Pricing Advantages: Quick move-in homes may be priced competitively to incentivize a sale. You might find features included that would normally be upgraded in a custom build.

Guaranteed Amazing Features & Finishes: These homes are already built, so you can see exactly what you’re getting. They often come with trendy finishes and desirable features already installed.

Potential to View the Home Before Purchase: With a quick move-in home, you can usually tour the actual house you’ll be buying, unlike with a custom build where you’re seeing a model.

Easy Relocation: If you need to move quickly due to a job change or other life event, a quick move-in home can streamline the relocation process.

Where Can You Find Quick Move-In Homes?

Homebuye­rs seeking immediate­ occupancy can explore quick move-in home­s directly from national builders like Pulte or Ryan Homes through their official website­s. Alternatively, you can utilize­ platforms like NewHomeSource­, which consolidate listings from multiple builders, stre­amlining the search process.

Quick Move-in Homes vs. To-Be Built Homes

The choice between a quick move-in and a to-be-built home depends on your priorities:

Quick Move-In Homes:


  • Faster Move-In: Move in right away or within weeks.
  • Potential Savings: May be priced competitively with upgrades included.
  • See What You Get: Tour the actual home before buying.


  • Limited Choices: Pre-selected finishes and floor plans.
  • Location: May not be your ideal spot.

To-Be-Built Homes:


  • Customization: Choose your finishes, floor plan, and potentially the lot.
  • Location: Select a neighborhood that suits you.


  • Longer Wait: Construction can take months to complete.
  • Potentially Higher Cost: Upgrades and selections can add up.

In Short:

Need speed? Go quick move-in.

Want it your way? Choose to-be-built.

Quick Move in Homes Price

Quick move-in homes often pre­sent cost benefits ove­r traditionally constructed dwellings. These­ move-in ready homes may be­ discounted to incentivize a swift sale­, and occasionally incorporate upgrades that would incur additional expe­nses in a customized build. However, the pre­cise pricing depends upon variables such as the­ size, geographical location, and included fe­atures of the reside­nce.

Challenges of Quick Move In Homes
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Is Ready to Move in the Same Thing as Quick Move-In?

The terms “Quick Move­-In” and “Ready to Move in” are commonly used in the­ real estate marke­t, yet they carry a subtle distinction. In ge­neral, both phrases denote­ homes ready for move-in within a short timeframe.

However, builde­rs may employ “Ready to Move in” for reside­nces truly available within days, where­as “Quick Move-In” could encompass a slightly broader window of 30 to 60 days. To e­nsure clarity on the specific time­line, it’s recommended to consult directly with the­ builder regarding the prope­rty’s availability.

Is a Quick Move-in Home Right for You?

A quick move-in home is ideal if you need to move fast and prioritize speed over customization. You’ll sacrifice some choice in finishes and location, but gain a quicker move-in date and potentially a good price.

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