Top 7 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Furnished Apartment

By: ROS Team

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Hunting for a rental apartment is a wholesome job. Not only does it requires inexhaustible energy but also demands a deep insight into the rules and traditions of the rental sector. Moving from one rental building to another comes with a heavy cost. Moving your belongings to the new apartment is equally tough as finding a new building to live in.

One alternative is a furnished apartment. You crave ease, flexibility, and convenience when the eye to renting a furnished apartment. It means living in the apartment of your dreams without bearing any thoughts of buying the furniture.

You stay ready to pack up and move at a moment’s notice, without worrying about hoarding stacks of moving boxes. It all looks very convenient to you but that does not mean you shall not worried about the exact deal. What lies in the store for you in exchange for what price? You got to know certain specific details to take into account when seeking a fully furnished apartment.

We have compiled a list of the seven most significant questions to be asked before renting a furnished apartment.

What Exactly Falls Under the Umbrella of a Furnished Apartment?

A furnished apartment is a general term to describe an apartment with furniture. However, it is highly likely that the idea you bore about ‘furnished’ might not resonate with what the landlord holds. Therefore, when you are hunting for an apartment that comes pre-furnished, try and get to know what lies there.

It might be surprising to you but the fact is furnished apartments vary a great deal. Therefore asking beforehand what is included and what is not works in your best interest.

Does Rent Cover the Furniture?

This is where you may land yourself in trouble. There is quite a possibility of getting to know with the voucher of the first bill that there is additional furniture rent.

This is the first and foremost issue you shall settle down with your landlord if the furniture costs extra charges or is included in rent.

Is A Security Deposit Required Against Furniture?

Renting an apartment always comes with a security deposit. When you ink down a lease for the rental apartment, you will be required to pay a security deposit. The amount of the deposit typically equals one month’s rent or can be more or less specific to the deal.

But in the case of a furnished apartment, inquire if there is an additional security deposit on the furniture. In that scenario, you might have to pay even a bigger check as a security deposit.

How Will the Pickup/Deliver Plan be Executed?

Chances are that the apartment was not furnished earlier and the landlord is doing so according to the agreed terms. In case the furniture isn’t already placed in the unit, you shall reach out to the concerned persona and ask who is going to do the delivery operation and how that will be executed.

The onus of major tasks lies on your shoulders or the delivery team will be managing those issues like heavy lifting or furniture assembling.

Can I Pick and Choose the Furniture?

The furnished apartment works both ways; some furnished apartments offer whatever furniture the apartment complex already has while others extend the option to choose whatever you require.

You may do some online shopping for your choice. When you select the apartment, go on sites and choose the furniture and accessories that you feel to have. Their team will manage all the work related to delivery and assembly.

When you get the apartment, let your landlord know about these requirements and place the order.

Renting an already furnished apartment limits your choices.

Are Utilities Included and If There are Additional Charges for Them?

Most of the time, utilities are included with the furnished apartments. The list includes utilities like phone, cable, and Wifi.  You shall get to ask the landlord which utilities will be provided and what will be left at your expense. In case Wifi is installed already, make sure to check the level of speed and if it matches your standard.

Having utilities at your disposal does not guarantee that it is included in the rent as well. Therefore, this is worth asking the landlord if utilities are charged an extra amount or adjusted in the rent.

If There are Any Hidden Charges?

At face value, the expenses may look fine to you but you might only get to know the hidden charges against certain facilities at the receiving of the first bill. You need to discuss this issue with your landlord at the first stage.

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Final Words:

Renting a furnished apartment is slightly different from renting an unfurnished apartment. Therefore it is always handy to know subtle details to get the best out of the potential deal. The seven questions discussed above will let you have enough knowledge to be able to find a well-furnished apartment for yourself.

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