Relocating to New York – General Tips for Moving During Winters

By: ROS Team June 11, 2021

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New York City is one of the most crowded places in America. It is situated southwards of the State of New York. Area-wise, NY is one of the vastly spread metropolitan regions of the world. The city is also referred to as the capital of culture, media, and finance of the US.

As a part of one of the most powerful nations of the world, the city has considerable dominance in the following fields:

  • Technology, Commerce, and Research
  • Education and Politics
  • Tourism and Entertainment
  • Sports and Fashion

How is Winter in NY?

The New York winters are quite damp and chilling.  In January, which is the icy-cold month, the average daily temperature is 0.9 °C. You can also notice a considerable drop in the temperature up to -12 °C many times during winters. However, it’s good to check the temperature on tomorrow’s weather site before planning your relocation.

Tips for Relocating to a New Place in New York during Winter

1. Keeping the Furniture and Clothes Dry

The winter season in New York brings in snow. So you have to keep your stuff dry as there is a possibility of damage to wood and fabrics due to snow. Carry an additional towel to wipe the items so that they remain dried up. This activity would be required when moving your stuff from one place to another.

There is additional precaution required for the moving boxes as they are more prone to damage when wet.

2. De-Icing of Walkways and Stairs Completely

Movement can be hindered and will become riskier when the driveways and the footpath have snow on them. Spade the snow or spill some sand and salt on walkways where the movement of your belongings will take place.

De-Icing of Walkways and Stairs

Request someone in your new neighborhood to put some salt on the path of your new home. Better if this is done one night before your shifting day. This way, there will be smooth movement of your household stuff.

3. Following Safety Measures

You should always follow safety arrangements when you are shifting. Safety is important, irrespective of the season. It will help you in avoiding any personal injuries or damage to the goods. Use dollies when moving any bulky items.

4. Safety of Electronic Items

Most electronic devices like PlayStations and televisions are sensitive to temperature. Hence, take utmost care to save them from acute temperature and moisture.

5. Hire Moving and Packing Services

It is always advisable that you take the services of Professionals. It makes the shifting of your belongings faster and safer. You will come across many companies in the moving business that can provide you with free quotes. Some moving companies also give a credit period.

Hire Moving and Packing Services

The reputed moving companies have the required license and also are insured. Hence there is compensation guaranteed for any damage that happens to your belongings.

6. Keep a Flexible Timing

While planning your relocation, you might come across factors that are not in your control. It may result in some delays. Take help from the local forecast so that you can prepare and plan yourself accordingly. Traffic apps are also a good option for updates on any construction activity or traffic on your way.

7. Quick Bites for Everyone

Always keep some snacks for your friends who might come to help you with the shifting. It will keep everyone fully energized, and the work will finish faster.

8. Regular Break is Important

During winters, the air is dry, and the temperature is low, the level of energy deteriorates. Take short breaks whenever you feel a little tired. Long resting breaks are not advisable as you can do work faster when the body temperature is higher.

Guidance for Movement

Moving to a new place requires planning. Take suggestions from the moving company; they will guide you best and make a good moving plan. Seasons don’t matter a lot while relocating. But, you must exercise extra caution when you are planning your movement during the winter season.

The reasons for relocating to a new place can be many, but better if it is happening for your greater good. A new city and a new locality often bring in additional energy in you.

There are enough places in New York that will give you the comfort of living. Be relaxed and leave the troubles on a moving company. Relocation is just a matter of a day.

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