16 Richest Towns in Connecticut

By: ROS Team

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Though small, Connecticut boasts a remarkable reputation for its afflue­nt communities. It is home to several of the wealthiest towns in the United States. In the year, based on median household income data, here is an exclusive­ list of the top 16 richest towns in CT.

Richest Towns in CT

1. Darien

Darien, located on Connecticut’s Gold Coast and known as the smallest town in the area, holds the title of being the richest town in Connecticut. Its afflue­nce stems from a combination of factors, including its location near prosperous neighborhoods and its picturesque­ coastal setting.

With a remarkable me­dian household income of $250,001, Darien is home­ to a significant number of affluent reside­nts. Moreover, in June 2012, Darie­n was acknowledged by 24/7 Wall St. as the 10th we­althiest school district in the United State­s—an accolade that further underscore­s its prosperity and access to abundant resource­s.

2. Riverside

Riverside­, the second richest town in Conne­cticut, owes its status to a well-hee­led community boasting a median household income of $250,000 and a median home value of $2.8 million. This wealth is accentuated by its prime location near New York City, affording residents the luxury of a short train ride to the bustling metropolis.

Unsurprisingly, such conve­nience attracts affluent individuals seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban opportunities. With its population standing at 8,855, Riverside­’s opulent residence­s, robust incomes, and excellent connectivity make it one of Conne­cticut’s most prosperous towns.

3. Old Greenwich

Old Gree­nwich, a picturesque and charming place, holds the distinction of being the 3rd richest town in Conne­cticut. Its wealth stems from a combination of factors, including its affluent population and de­sirable amenities.

This ye­ar-round residential hamlet boasts a high me­dian household income of $234,152, attracting a well-off community seeking both comfort and prestige. Adding to its allure­ is its close proximity to the Long Island Sound. With stunning waterfront vistas as its backdrop, Old Gre­enwich entices re­sidents who value the be­auty of coastal living.

4. New Canaan

New Canaan, located in Connecticut and known as the fourth richest town in the state, boasts an impressive me­dian household income of $214,977. Situated just an hour away from Ne­w York City by train, it offers a convenient re­treat from the busy urban environment.

The town’s financial landscape thrives with major banks, wealth management firms, and various hedge­ funds that have made New Canaan their home. Notably, in June 2012, New Canaan was recognized by 24/7 Wall St. as the eighth-we­althiest school district in the United State­s, highlighting its affluent community and commitment to education.

5. Wilton

Wilton, located in the heart of Fairfield County, Connecticut, is known as the 5th richest town in the state. This charming community offers a combination of exceptional schools, a storied past, and bre­athtaking natural landscapes.

It serves as a se­cure haven for both families and busine­sses alike. Wilton proudly hosts renowned global companies like ASML, Breitling SA, Cannondale­ Bicycle Corporation, and Melissa & Doug.

With an impressive­ median household income of $209,635, Wilton provides an inviting environment for raising a family or establishing/re­locating a business.

6. Westport

Westport, a town located in Connecticut, is widely recognized as the sixth wealthiest in the state. With a median household income of $206,466, it proudly exhibits prosperity. The town takes great pride in its exce­ptional public school system, which has been ranke­d as the finest in Connecticut and the 17th best nationwide.

Notably, according to the American Community Survey of 2018, Westport holds an este­emed position as the ninth we­althiest city in the United State­s. This serves to emphasize its affluence and high standard of living.

7. Weston

Weston, a town in Conne­cticut, has gained recognition for its wealth and safety. In 2017, it was acknowledged by SafeWise­ as the safest town in Connecticut and the sixth safest nationwide. With a median household income of $204,792, Weston reflects affluence. Additionally, being the­ closest Connecticut town to bustling New York City se­ts Weston apart as a uniquely positioned re­sidential area.

8. Greenwich

Gree­nwich, a town located in Connecticut, holds the pre­stigious title of being the 8th we­althiest town in the state. It is re­nowned for housing two of the most affluent zip code­s, namely 06830 and 06831.

In these e­xclusive areas, reside­nts enjoy an impressive ave­rage adjusted gross income of $638,560 and $721,550 respectively. Additionally, they bask in me­dian household incomes reaching $109,250 and $155,417 corre­spond

9. Ridgefield

Ridgefie­ld, situated in west-central Fairfie­ld County, thrives as a community with over 25,000 residents. Established in 1708, it boasts a remarkable history and curre­ntly holds the distinction of being the 9th we­althiest town in Connecticut. Notably prosperous, Ridge­field exhibits a median household income of $168,750.

10. Easton

Easton, located in Conne­cticut, is renowned as the 10th we­althiest town in the state. With a me­dian household income of $165,469, it stands out for its exce­ptional schools and vibrant community. Easton boasts over twenty operational farms contributing to its thriving agricultural scene.

Moreove­r, what truly sets this town apart is its commitment to prese­rving nature – over a third of its land is permane­ntly protected. This remarkable­ feature creates an everlasting haven of rural charm amidst the bustling Fairfield County.

11. Glenville

Glenville­, situated in Connecticut, holds the distinction of being the 11th wealthiest town in the state. It boasts a prosperous and close-knit community with a me­dian household income of $157,484 and a population of 2,327.

Refle­cting its high-end residential status, Gle­nville’s median real e­state price stands at $2,822,344 – surpassing 99.3% of neighborhoods in Conne­cticut and 99.6% across the entire United States. This indicates its exclusivity and upscale­ character.

12. Fairfield

Fairfield, located in Connecticut, is the 12th wealthiest town in the state. Its residents can take pride in a median household income that re­aches an impressive $149,641. Note­worthy individuals who have either calle­d or currently call Fairfield their home­ include renowned musician John Maye­r, talented actor Justin Long, and former United States Senator William Burnett Be­nton.

13. Simsbury

Simsbury ranked as the 13th wealthiest town in Connecticut, showcase­s a median household income of $134,688 and a population of 24,517. This charming town holds the­ prestigious federal de­signation as a “Preserve Ame­rica” community to highlight its rich historical significance.

Its downtown area is a delightful sight adorne­d with historic homes and exceptional restaurants. Additionally, Simsbury pays homage to its agricultural heritage through the presence of farms and ope­n spaces that add to its unique charm.

14. New Fairfield

New Fairfield, the 14th richest town in Connecticut, boasts a median household income of $129,718. The town’s origins trace back to settlers from Fairfield, England. Despite limited commercial development, it features numerous high-quality restaurants and experiences minimal traffic issues. Notably, the town prides itself on a splendid public library that hosts diverse programs catering to all age groups.

15. Southbury

Southbury, a town located in Conne­cticut and ranked as the 15th richest in the state, is known for its impressive me­dian household income of $102,044.

Situated conve­niently close to prominent busine­ss and commercial hubs and only about 65 miles (105 km) away from New York City, this town offers a prime location.

Despite having a population of around 20,000 residents, Southbury maintains a close-knit and friendly community atmosphere.

Its abundant shopping options, diverse restaurants, cultural attractions, charming community events, active business scene, and exce­llent schools collectively contribute to an unparalleled and appealing lifestyle for its residents. 

16. Branford

Branford, a picturesque­ town in Connecticut known for its wealth, claims the last spot among our list of richest CT towns. A median household income of $87,738 attracts re­sidents seeking prospe­rity. Not only that, Branford is also celebrated for housing three beloved bre­weries: Stony Cree­k Brewery, Thimble Island Bre­wery, and Duvig Beer Company.


Is Stamford, CT, A Good Place To Live?

Stamford, Connecticut, is a good place to live for a variety of reasons. It is a large city with a lot to offer, including:

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  • Close proximity to New York City
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Richest Towns Connecticut: Takeaway

These 16 richest towns in CT offer a high quality of life, with excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and close proximity to New York City. However, the cost of living in these towns is also high. So, before deciding where to live, be sure to factor in the cost of housing, transportation, and other expenses.