Renters’ Priorities of Apartment Amenities in NYC After COVID-19

By: Abdullah Haroon June 23, 2020

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Life was moving swiftly along with the established patterns. People were having time of their life until the pandemic knocked at their doors. The virus has hit all spheres of life across the globe unabashedly and without any biases. The hard truth is that we are still in the middle of this health emergency and there is no cure on the horizon, so far.

The truth is we were all caught off guards and the surprise was so unexpected that we could not take the luxury of preparing for the worst. Now in the middle of it, we feel we are not well equipped to fight against this fatal virus. To be frank, with any stretch of the imagination, we never thought of observing self-isolation and maintaining social distance.

With the baggage of disturbed social norms, NY citizens have been spending a greater deal of time at home. And it’s daunting to adjust with the old amenities anymore. They have been revising their list of priorities.

Earlier, people in NY preferred to trade off personal space with a location. But COVID-19 has made them review their traditional hierarchy of amenities among NYC renters.

Based on one searched data, we observed the changing priorities of amenities among New Yorkers.

  • The preference for In-Unit Laundry:

Since COVID-19, search results reflect that laundry has become number one priority for the New Yorkers during the pandemic. In May only, in-unit laundry search spiked 65% compared to the last year.

It has forced a change in New Yorkers’ laundry routines. To follow health protocols, people are hesitant to share washers and dryers with others. As the clouds looms over the future of COVID-19, analysis guides us it is something which will remain renter’s demand for a while now.

  • Renters desire for Fresh Air:

We all are well into the middle of the pandemic with no end near so far. People have been more cautious towards virus and keen to observe prescribed measure against it. That’s what keeps them at home for the major portion for their time. It is therefore that the feel inclined to have a secure outdoor time.

  • Home Office Space tops the list of NYC Apartment Amenity:

Given the fresh tradition of working from home, it is likely to make more sense. The demand is fueled by the constraints of staying in door and observing social distance, space remains the top priority of majority the renters. The data of April mentioned that 50% of the renters in NYC say that the extra space is more preferable to them since they are killing most of the time at the apartment.

This trend might take renters to the outer boroughs where more space is available to New Yorkers such as outside of Manhattan.

  • Higher cleaning standards:

No matter how earlier we get the vaccine for the Corona-virus, the reality is we have to live with the virus for a while now. Apart from observing heath protocols, keeping surroundings neat and clean helps a great deal in keeping the virus at bay.

That means renters would like to know that cleaning standards are high and that management takes cleanliness very seriously. Though hygiene is what generally people do care, but in this health emergency they are more prone towards it. Therefore, it is expected that people will want to live in a community known for its high standards of cleanliness.

  • Pet friendliness:

One of the welcoming features of life during the pandemic is that pet adaptation is increasing to record high standards. It reflects the emerging changes in the market in the coming time. Renters will be looking for buildings with pet-friendly policies.

This might be the counter mechanism to fight off the psychological effects of the anxiety all around or because pet owners feel easier to connect with other pet owners. There could be various reasons for this new spike in the adaptation but pet-friendliness is going to be a much-sorted amenity in the city shortly.

Long-Term Shifts in Priorities is expected due to COVID-19:

Staying at home has made a lot of New York renters to review their priorities. What looks obvious is COVID-19 will likely to leave permanent footprints on how New Yorkers calculate these new equations?

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The final words:

The world is still figuring out how to respond to emerging changes in the market. The new social norms have made people reevaluate their lives and revise their needs and desires. The priorities are not the same anymore. The new trends are likely to emerge in the NYC rental market after COID-19. So, it is better to keep them in notice.