Pest vs. Tech: 8 Technologies To Get Rid Of Unwanted Guests

By: ROS Team

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Whether you’re an apartment owner preparing to make your unit tenant-friendly, or a tenant who simply doesn’t want to deal with rats, bugs, and every pest in between, you have technology on your side.

Pest control has moved past the days of smelly fumigation treatments and chemical pesticides. And in this article, you will find eight technologies that can make your apartment pest-free.

Insect Birth Control

As strange as it sounds to an outsider, insect birth control has become an industry-standard in pest control. From using X-rays to sterilize insects to using insect birth control hormones, technology is making it possible to defend apartments from infestations. This type of pest control is crucial for apartments with houseplants.

While X-ray treatments are conducted by professional exterminators and pest control specialists, insect birth control pesticides are available to the general public. These are called Insect Growth Regulators (IGR), and products like Gentrol can be used by apartment owners and tenants to keep insects from reproducing.

Pheromone Enhancement

Where IGR pesticides are non-toxic libido-killers for insects, pheromone enhancement technology does the opposite. Pheromones are added to tangible pesticides (granules) or glue traps to ensure consumption and entrapment. The pheromone content depends on the type of insect that the pheromone-containing pesticide is supposed to kill.

Terro is an insect trap branded as the “Roach Magnet” because it uses pheromone technology to attract cockroaches alongside seven other types of insects.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping technology allows pest controllers to determine the extent of the infestation. The heat map can look beneath the flooring and beyond the ceiling for signs of pests like mice, rats, and other warm-blooded pests.

The tech itself isn’t worth buying as a homeowner. But you can take advantage of it by calling a pest controller who owns it. It helps with the prevention stage of pest control and is a handy alternative to a home-protection pest control program.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellents

On average, it costs a New York resident over $200 to hire a pest controller for a single visit or operation. Pest control tech like ultrasonic repellents makes traditional exterminators redundant to an extent.

The ultrasonic frequency is too high to be heard by humans but is irritating and even fatal to most household pests. Some ultrasonic frequencies can cause nerve damage in mice. Most of these frequencies drive away almost all bugs.

Ionic Pest Repellent

If you look for ultrasonic pest repellents, you will come across “3-in-1” or even “5-in-1” pest repellents. These repellents use multiple mechanisms to drive away pests. For instance, Sentinel is a 5-in-1 repellent that features “ionic” tech and ultrasonic and electromagnetic modes.

You might have heard that mice, rats, and insects can catch wind of an incoming storm. Pests usually rely on the electric charge to assess the probability of a storm. An ionic pest repellent changes your apartment’s electric charge, making pests anticipate a storm. Consequently, they flee the apartment.

Motion Sensors

While you can use ionic, electromagnetic, or ultrasound emitters as your round-the-clock pest repellants, you might have a high electricity bill. Motion sensors make it possible for homeowners to detect when there is a potential pest infestation or intrusion. By using motion sensors to catch sneaky rodents, you can pinpoint when to use pesticides, pest traps, or pest repellents. These sensors make pest control more efficient.

Electric Fence Technology

Electric fences have been used to keep dogs in the backyard and cattle within a specific land area. The technology that keeps mammals from crossing a particular boundary can also be used for pest control. You don’t have to put a fence collar on every rat, though.

Instead, you need to get a RatMat, a device that emits the same unsettling frequency that makes electric fences work. A rat will not go over a RatMat, so if you surround any area in a set of RatMat sheets, you will effectively make it unreachable to a rat.

Electronic Repellent Atomizer

The final innovation in pest control that you can leverage as an apartment resident is the electronic diffuser tech. Diffusers have been used as humidifiers and air fresheners. But Thermacell has used electronic atomizing technology to create an “outdoor personal mosquito repellent.”

It diffuses a non-toxic repellent into the air and makes your immediate vicinity unpleasant for mosquitos and other flying insects. You can use it on your balcony or when you head out for a picnic.

Final Thoughts

From pesticides that render insects infertile to pheromones that attract pests to their demise, pest control has made fascinating leaps, thanks to technology. Fortunately, it is not all exclusive to professional exterminators and pest controllers. You can use most of the gadgets, pesticides, and pest detectors covered in this post to make your apartment pest-proof.