New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Led The Fight Against COVID-19 With Great Character

By: Abdullah Haroon

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New York has been weathering the storm with great fortitude and character. It has been coming out of danger gradually and no longer remains the national hotspot for COVID-19 as the number of infections and hospitalizations continues to decrease.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responded about the better situation, “this is great, great news compared to where we’ve been. I hope people learn from what we accomplished in New York.”

The enrolment of fewer COVID patients is not the only good news as followed by the reopening of business activities. All the business sectors are divided into two categories which are scheduled to open in phases that are subject to the implementation of health protocols in the first place.

This is no less than a miracle given how badly NYC was hit by the virus. It was only possible because of the cooperation of the New Yorkers but we should give the credit where due as the NY governor fought like a true leader and navigated the ship out of the storm with great composure and insight.

As lockdown forced thousands out of jobs people were on the brink of losing hope. However, now the table has been turned and many independent voters from both parties rate the governor’s performance positively. According to a recent poll released Monday by the Siena Research Institute. Cuomo’s job performance rating was 8 points higher than it was in March. It stood at 71% a record rating for any Democrat governor.

Cuomo’s Daily Coronavirus Briefings:

Cuomo’s daily Coronavirus briefings were like fresh blows of air where the majority were fed up with the presidents’ rhetoric. By easy-to-follow PowerPoint slides punctuated by personal anecdotes touched the chords in the hearts of New Yorkers. They look up to him for hope and he aptly lived up to the people’s demands.

Daily appearances on the media kept the new Yorkers informed with the latest figures as well as the latest findings of the virus. The approach was widely liked by the people even on the national level which made him a man of crisis in the eyes of people across the country.

Leading From The Front:

Cuomo did not hide behind the concrete walls of his office but rather led the battle from the front. He responded to the queries of people and guided them upfront. His interviews given in the middle of the crisis stands witness to his commitment to the cause.

In an interview with Amy Robach on “Good Morning America. The governor reiterated his approach and gave a vision of the future. He gave the credit where due as he said, “I gave them the facts every day and they acted responsibly.”

Further, into the interview, he responded, “We still don’t know where we are going with this. I talk to global experts every day and nobody knows if there’s a second wave or if there’s not a second wave.”

Presented Him For Accountability:

In the same interview with Amy Robach, he went on to say, “I would ask the people to grade me when it’s all over, I would ask the people to grade me,”

About his commitments, he reiterated that his services are solely dedicated to the people of New York and have no other agenda besides this.

Historical Analogies During Briefings:

The words in Cuomo’s speeches speak volumes about his deep insight into history. He frequently referred to the pandemic wars to push the people to brace up for the tough situation ahead. Words Cuomo used in a press conference sat well with the people as they had something to relate to in the history amidst the chaos. The war reference gave people the perspective as we fight against the invisible enemy: the novel coronavirus.

Provided Information And Made Data Easily Understandable:

“The numbers are daunting,” Cuomo acknowledged in the press conference and went on to explain them simply and logically.

This is what Cuomo did best and made people comprehend the overall picture of the problem in a pursuit to prepare them for the action plan of stooping the unbridled march of the virus by reducing victims and establishing more hospitals.

Owns All Actions And Policies:

Cuomo is a man of his words which he showed on various occasions in the whole battle against the virus. He categorically asked people to hold him responsible for his actions rather than anybody else.

This is the hallmark of true leadership. A leader takes decisions in the best interests of his people and then takes complete responsibility for his actions. This is exactly what he did which made him popular with the people.

They looked up to him and placed their confidence in his actions.

Final Thoughts:

To put it in simple words of none other than Cuomo himself, “long journey into night, we’re going to turn the page on the immediacy of this crisis.”

It describes everything why people rate him high and adore him to the core of their hearts. He did everything that can be expected from a political leader and lived up to the demand of the people. This is what makes him so special. In a nutshell, a job well done by Cuomo.