Moving Back Home and Spending Time with your Family

By: Abdullah Haroon

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The planet is in reverse mode since COVID-19. It has reshaped geographical boundaries. It has made life unsustainable overseas because of unemployment. People are coming to their homes for indefinite periods. Adult children have found themselves doing something that might previously have been unthinkable: moving back in with their parents.

The fact is more people are moving back to their parent’s house be it due to mental health challenges, risks to their physical health, or financial restraints. Some might be leaving because of shared living spaces with frontline NHS workers assigned to respiratory wards. Because of the closing down of academic institutes, students have to return to their homes as well. On top of it all, financial issues because of losing a job forced youngsters to take shelter in their family home.

It came as a surprise to us all. Let us confess that we were not ready for this unwelcomed trouble. We are adopting ways as we wade through this crisis. So, it is helpful to explore how are people coping with the significant adjustment and lifestyle change that comes with moving ‘back home?

For most of them, life is no more the same as the time when they left their homes. Let us discuss if moving back is a good idea in the first place and how you can make your sojourn better?

This is a Very Valuable Time:

Given the hustle and bustle of life, we hardly get time to pay a visit back home. Instead, we prefer to keep checking on them via phone. Now when everything is shut down and it is in our best interests to stay home, instead of taking it as a burden and unpleasant event of our life we can cherish these moments and make the best out of them. It is entirely in our hands to choose whatever response we wish to return.

With all its absurdity, now is a good time to have some quality time with your family.

Release Pressure Off Your Parents:

If you are grown up the most likely cause is that your parents are heading towards old age. While they may be as witty as ever but the truth is their energy levels do not remain the same. The same work which they used to do effortlessly might exhaust their energies now.

Therefore, it is a great time to make the best out of this moment and help them out in their activities.

Keep a Routine:

You are moving back to your home but if you are fortunate enough and still hold a job then you have to work from home. The best way to fight off this crisis is to maintain a proper routine.

You do not need to have a full-time schedule but practicing basics like yoga, exercise, doing home chores, and maintaining sleep patterns is a great way to maintain health.

Relive the Memories:

During your stay, you will get to live the memories of your past. For most people, it might be aging since they last visited their home. All they have is a vivid memory of their past or more precisely of their childhood.

It is a god-sent opportunity to spare a moment and relive those moments like cycling down on the same paths you used to as a kid or sleeping in the same bed you used to listen to stories from your grant parents.

Good for your Mental Health:

Covid-19 has increased stress levels and anxiety among people. Many of us are struggling with our mental health right now as we witness people around the world.

Besides financial stress, people are losing their loved ones or they are vulnerable. It’s important to be compassionate towards ourselves and the people around us.

Get to Know about the Favorites of your Family Members:

We are constantly bombarded with the COVID-related news as we are stuck inside homes. Our lives have changed dramatically and so have the conversations we have with one another.  So talking about the virus all the time does not help our cause. It’s important to find positive, engaging things you can chat about as a group. Also, you can help your neighbor’s safety during the COVID- 19.

Allocate Yourself a Workplace:

If you are visiting your home after a long time then chances are you might not find the same bedroom that you used to have during college time. And if your siblings are also returning home due to corona then trouble becomes double.

Instead of taking a casual approach, try to find an allocated space in your home to perform official activities. It will make your assignments easy and productive.

Maintain Your Limits:

While it is fortunate to have a place and people to look back in the tough days but it is not like the old-time you used to have at your home.

It becomes extremely nervous if you are also doing work from home. For example, if you are in the middle of a certain assignment and your mom says you to do a home chore, it becomes jittery to respond to that situation.

Therefore, maintain your limits beforehand and let your family know your limits. What you cannot do during that time (no quick hovering sessions or folding the laundry).

Shoulder Home Responsibilities:

Though you get to live in the home, it goes without saying that this is not a holiday. It does not mean any additional pressure for being productive. However, you shall do your bit around the house.

Rather than considering it any workload, it is a way to spend quality time with your parents.

Final Words:

The hard time comes upon us but it is our choice how to respond to them. In the current scenario, no doubt the moments are nerve-wrenching, but still, we got to figure out better strategies to cope with the situation.

Therefore, spending some quality time with the family is one of the finest options you can find in the middle of this chaos.