Complete Guide to Writing a New Landlord Letter

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Real estate transactions occur at a feverish pace there’s no shortage of potential buyers who want to purchase property at a reasonable price. As a result, the property can change hands quickly and often. If you buy a house that already has a tenant living in it. You’ll want to introduce yourself as the new landlord with a new landlord letter. Doing so will help tenants become familiar with you and who will receive their rent payments going forward.

There are various ways in which new landlords can notify tenants of the ownership change. Some new landlords prefer to meet new tenants in person.  Even after an in-person introduction, it’s a good practice to send a formal new landlord letter.

1- What is Landlord Introduction Letter
2- What to Include in an Introduction Letter
3- Can You Buy a Rental Property with Tenants on a Lease
4- Terminating a Long Term Lease
5- Terminating a Month to Month Lease
6- Sample New Owner Letter to Tenant

Writing a new owner letter to the tenant isn’t difficult. We’ve put together a guide that includes key elements that should be included in a landlord letter.

What is the Landlord Introduction Letter?

An introduction letter is simply a letter used to introduce oneself to someone else. It helps develop connections that may contribute towards partnership, company development, or a job opportunity.

landlord introduction letter

Similarly, a landlord introduction letter or landlord letter is a letter written to a tenant to introduce and inform them of a change in ownership. It may also be used when a landlord hires a property management company to handle the affairs of the property. It provides tenants with details on rent payments and how to send maintenance requests.

What to Include in an Introduction Letter

There are certain elements and information that should be included in a new landlord letter, such as:

  • A brief introduction with the landlord’s name or the name of the property management company that is taking over the property;
  • Details about the rent payment process, including if there will be new ways to submit payments and your contact information and/or the name and contact of the individuals designated to receive rent related questions and concerns; and
  • Details about how tenants can submit maintenance requests (i.e. via phone, email, online portal, etc.).

Tenant Update Form

In some countries, the law requires updated tenant details and landlord letters to tenants when a new management company or new owner takes over the possession. Therefore, be sure to attach a form where the tenant can include their personal information, including their name, contact information, and emergency telephone number.

Can You Buy a Rental Property with Tenants on a Lease?

This is the first question that may confuse the owners when buying a house that has a tenant on an active lease. The simple answer is that you can buy property even if there is already a tenant living there. Landlords often enjoy exclusive rights over lives in their rental houses. However, the tenant has rights, and the landlord must still honor any rental agreement that’s already in place at the time they acquire the property.

Termination of Lease

Depending on the lease type, there are two steps that you can follow to terminate a tenant’s current lease.

Termination of Lease

Terminating a Long Term Lease

If you bought a house that already has a tenant committed to a long term lease, tenants are legally entitled to continue living at the property until the lease term ends. If the new property owner wants to terminate the tenant’s lease agreement early. He or she will have to negotiate those terms with the tenant. Common tools for negotiating an early departure include offering the tenant cash at least offering to cover their moving costs or security deposit at the new rental.

Terminating a Month to Month Lease

This process becomes much easier if the tenant is on a month to month lease. Instead of renewing their lease for another month, you can, instead, provide a notice to quit the property in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement.

Sample New Owner Letter to Tenant

Dear [Tenant Name]

I want to take this opportunity and introduce myself as the new owner of [property name or address]. I will not be changing your current lease and payment terms.  Please direct all maintenance requests and correspondence to the following address beginning [date of acquisition]: [address].

If you were paying rent in cash, contact your financial institution immediately and take the necessary steps to remit payments using our automated payment system.

I have also attached a Tenant Information Form; please complete and return the form to me at your earliest convenience. So that I/we have your current information for our files.

I am also interested in visiting the house to address some minor concerns noted during the inspection. Once I receive your information, I will coordinate with you to schedule a day and time for that visit.

I look forward to being of service.


[Your Name]

Final Words

Before you buy a property that already has a tenant, weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes, allowing tenants to remain on the property before and after the sale may work out well, but that may not always be the case.

If you have purchased a property, it is highly recommended that you formally introduce yourself to a tenant with a landlord letter to the tenant.

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