12 Tips For Cooling A Room If You Don’t Have A/C

By: ROS Team September 17, 2021

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Hot weather can be harsh-it can hinder productivity, making it difficult to work. It can also negatively impact your ability to sleep. It can be a great struggle to endure the summer months if you live and/or work in a place with poor air circulation.

Steps for Cooling Down a Room Without Air Conditioning

Most rooms use fans to get cool. In addition, sufficient room insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, and shading rooms from direct sunlight will all help keep rooms cooler if there’s no air conditioning unit.

12 Ways to Stay Cool Without A/C

1. Keep Curtains Closed During the Day

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to make your room cooler, you don’t have to look any further than the curtains.

curtains closed

Opening your curtains during the summer months will allow the sunlight in your room, along with extra heat. To block the sun’s rays, keep your drapes or blinds closed during the day. Doing so will help keep the room cooler and you won’t need to use your air conditioner.

2. Open Windows and Doors at Night

You should keep the curtains closed when it is light, but you may open them at night. Nighttime air is a free way to cool down a room. By the time the sun goes down, the air is usually more comfortable. Therefore, you can add some much-needed cool air to rooms by simply opening all of your home’s windows and interior doors at night. You can also generate a cross breeze in your room by opening your room’s windows.

3. Cool a Fan with Ice or Water

To create a cool room using a fan, place the fan in front of a sink of cold water or ice. The ice or cold water chills the air around it, which the fan circulates. This is an excellent alternative to AC.

The fan will then circulate the cool air throughout the room. To maximize the cool air created using this method, keep doors and windows closed. Just don’t sit straight in front of the stream of air to avoid eye irritation.

4. Adjust Your Ceiling Fan Based on the Season

Did you know that ceiling fans can go either clockwise or counterclockwise? Depending on the setting, the blades can either circulate air down or up.

curtains closed

Modify your ceiling fan’s settings depending on the season. During the warmer months, it should rotate counterclockwise to circulate cool air down into the room. You can also utilize an exhaust fan in your bathroom and kitchen to draw steam and heat out of rooms while you cook or shower.

5. Change the Way You Sleep

Hot air rises, which means the air at your feet is usually cooler than the air at the ceiling. If you don’t mind disassembling your bed, consider sleeping on the floor or another hard surface for cooler sleep.

6. Have a Cool-Down Night Time Routine

A cool-down routine is an excellent technique on how to cool down a room without ac. It not only lowers your body temperature but also helps to keep your home cool.

Since physical exertion creates body heat, begin to settle about an hour before bed and also switch off technology. Then start cooling down: drink plenty of ice water and put a cold pack in the back of your neck. It is a good trick if you want to have a cool room.

7. Use LED Bulbs

Every piece of electronic equipment—even light bulbs—emits heat. It may be challenging to keep a room cool with traditional lightbulbs LED lights, on the other hand, stay cool as they burn. Because of this, you will be saving on your utility expenses as well.

use LED bulbs

Until you’ve replaced all of your lightbulbs, you can save energy by turning off the lights and using natural light. This will keep you cooler longer. It will also help save money by using less energy.

8. Buy a Sleeping Pillow and a Mattress Protector

New mattress technology has been created to help you sleep better at night. There are several types of cooling mattresses, including those with moisture-wicking covers and absorbent foam cores. These can be ideal if you’re looking for how to stay cool without a/c.

pillow and mattress protector

You may also purchase cooling sheets and pillows, which can help keep you cool while you sleep. Even if you’re not lying down, you can wrap up in the cooling blankets while watching TV.

9. Try the Egyptian Method

This method uses a moist cloth as a means to stay cool as if one were cooling themselves in a swamp. To prevent the muscles from overheating, lower your fan setting to low.

You’ll also want to be careful not to add too much water to the cloth to avoid your bedding from being soaked, which could result in a case of sniffles if you are not careful.

10. Drink More Water

We are mostly water, so we need to stay hydrated. People will be more affected by the heat if they are dehydrated.

Chilled water (not iced) can help your body cool down from the inside out, which will offer relief from the heat. Drinking a lot of water before bed will also help you sleep more comfortably.

11. Take a Cool Shower

You can help your body cool off by using contrast showers alternating between hot and cooler water during your showers. If contrast showers sound unappealing, you can still help beat the heat by taking a lukewarm shower.

cool shower

When you take a cold shower, wait until you’ve cooled down a bit from the hot atmosphere you’ve just been in. You can stand in front of or under a fan before getting in the shower if you are able.

12. Your Pulse Points Cool

Placing an ice pack or a cool, moist towel on your pulse points will help chill you down. Protect your skin from getting too chilly by covering the ice pack with a towel.

This fast temperature drop is caused by applying something cold to your pulse sites. While it’s not necessarily a way to make your room cooler, it’s a tried-and-true approach for staying cooler in any room.

Final Takeaways

Most of the tips on ways to cool down a room can be used in almost any setting, be it an apartment or a house.  Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods. Experiment with each to see which works best for you.