How Long Does It Take To Move Into an Apartment or House?

By: ROS Team

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Moving can be exciting. But figuring out how long it takes can be stressful. This blog post is here to help. We’ll break down the timeline for finding an apartment or house, getting approved, and finally settling into your new home.

How Long Does It Take to Move Into an Apartment or House?

How long does it take to move into an Apartment? The answer depends on the following processes/steps:

  • Finding the Apartment
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Cleaning New Apartment
  • Unpacking
  • Putting Things in Place


Moving into a new apartment or house
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Finding the Apartment (Expected Time: 2 Weeks – 2 Months)

Finding the apartment that best suits your needs is the main factor influencing your move-in time. Those who have apartments ready to move in can quickly complete the transition. A typical apartment-hunting process works like this:

  • Budget and Preferences: Initially, figure out how much you can afford. Then decide your desired location and which amenities you want in your next apartment.
  • Searching and Contacting: Based on your preferences, search for available apartments. Reach out to the landlord or the property management company by filling out the rental application form.
  • Background Checks: Landlords demand credit and background checks, and so you might have to wait a little if the future landlord checks are too strict.
  • Lease Signing: Based on your credit history and references from previous landlords, if the landlord proceeds with you, it’s time to sign the lease. Once signed, you have completed the first step in moving to your new apartment.


Packing (3 Days – 2 Weeks)

Once all the paperwork is done and the security deposit is paid, it’s time to pack your belongings. The time it takes to pack all your stuff can range from a few days to a few weeks. And it will depend on the assistance you have and the size of your previous residence.

  • Small Residences: For example, packing a 2-bedroom apartment may take six hours to one day.
  • Larger Residences: A two-bedroom house with a garage, storage area, attic, or basement may take longer.
  • Professional Help: Hiring a moving company with skilled packing experts can save you a lot of time.


Moving (3 Hours – 9 Hours)

Now that you’ve bid farewell to your previous neighbors and landlords, it’s time to move your things to the new place. Moving companies work on a formula to calculate the time needed:

Formula: Time = (Access X # of Items) + Drive Time + Prep/Packing + Placement Decision

Based on this, expect a time of 3-5 hours for moving a 2-bedroom apartment.

Cleaning New Apartment (2 Days – 2 Weeks)

You want your new place to be move-in ready before the moving company arrives.

  • New Units: If you are moving to a new unit, prep time is short since it’s already clean and ready.
  • Older or Recently Vacated Units: If you are moving into older apartments or ones recently vacated, expect prep time to vary from days to weeks.


Unpacking (A Few Hours – 1 Day)

According to Treasure Moving, the average time to unpack if you do it yourself is one day. However, if you can afford it, a moving company can do it for you in a couple of hours.

Priority Unpacking: Always start unpacking the things you will use first, like items for the bedroom or kitchen.

Putting Things in Place (1-3 Days)

Let’s move to the final step which is organizing your new place.

  • Furniture and Appliances: Place all the furniture, hook up the electronic gadgets, and set up other kinds of appliances.
  • Full Setup: Depending on the number of goods, it should not take more than 3 days to fully establish yourself and feel at home in your new place.


How Long It Might Take to Move
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So, How Long Does It Take To Move Into an Apartment?

Based on the activities outlined above, the timeline for moving into an apartment can range from a few weeks to a few months. The durations mentioned are estimates, and the actual time it takes can vary depending on several factors, including personal circumstances, the responsiveness of landlords, and the involvement of other parties.

How Many Hours to Move a 3 Bedroom House?

There is no exact answer to this. To move a 3-bedroom it typically takes  4-6 hours with a crew of 2-3 movers, assuming good preparation and easy access.  But, this time can change. Factors like distance and number of belongings play a part in determining the exact time.

Can You Move Into an Apartment Same Day?

Yes, it is possible. But it requires a few key conditions to be met. You need to have all your documentation ready. This includes proof of income, identification, and a good credit score. Plus, the apartment must be available for immediate occupancy. And you should be prepared to pay any necessary fees upfront.