How do Good Neighbors behave? Get Some Tips

By: Abdullah Haroon October 9, 2020

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Having a good neighbor is a sheer blessing. We have more interactions with them than with our relatives. They come to rescues us in need and join us in or happy moments. The best thing about a neighbor is that they are always a doorstep away.

They say to find a good neighbor is to become one. So let us get to know what makes you a good neighbor and how much extra effort is needed for it.

  • Embrace your neighborhood:

Your neighborhood is a part of your identity. You belong to it and it belongs to you. Its culture defines your values and its lifestyle reflects your personality. The best service you can do to your neighborhood is to embrace it and represent it in an elegant way.

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Make a good impression of it wherever you go.

  • Look after the communal space:

You will be taking a lot of things from your neighborhood. One way to be a good neighbor is to return something to your surroundings. And the best way to do is to keep your shared spaces clean and updated. Everyone in the neighborhood is likely to get the benefit out of it and that way you will earn the respect of your neighbors.

  • Do not make noise:

This is the most reoccurring complaint people often have from their neighbors. When you spend your whole day in an office switching from files to files, making assignments under pressure, and when you return home, the least you want is a noise in the air.

The ideal scenario is to not make a noise high enough which may bother the person right next door or if you have to under special occasions like you have thrown a party, try to know the sleeping patterns of your neighbors and respect that.

  • Get to know your neighbors:

We live a highly overburdened life. We are so busying with meeting our deadlines that e hardly bothers if we have a new neighbor in the community or if any of the old neighbors are going through his tough time.

As a manner of a good neighbor, introduce yourself to your new neighbor and let him know you are there to help in case of emergencies. Try to approach your old neighbors and know if they are doing fine with life and in case they need help, you are here.

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  • Keep neighbors safe from pets:

If you are a pet lover then you have to make an extra effort to not let your pet bother your neighbors. Especially you shall keep your surrounding free f your pet’s poop.

And if you have a dog, discourage it to bark at your neighbors.

  • Join community events:

Being a good neighbor means joining your neighbors in their happy and lighter moments. Get yourself involved in those activities. You are not supposed to make it a burden for yourself. Instead, take it as an exhausting window for yourself.

  • Apologies for your mistakes:

When you have interaction with people on daily basis, chances are you might end up doing something which offends your neighbors, intentionally or unintentionally.  Once you realize you have done a mistake there, as a good neighbor, you shall go and place your apology.

Calmly, explain the situation in which you behaved and let them know you were not at your best at that particular moment.

  • Win over trust:

It is a reality that whenever we need help, neighbors reach you out first then the relatives. However, you only approach those people who have won your trust. Just like it, you need to win over their trust as well so that they can count on you when in trouble.

  • Lend a helping hand:

Once you win over their trust, they are going to count on you when they need help. The best trait of a good neighbor is that they are always ready to help out their neighbors. They are not going to ask for things you cannot afford to give instead of some help on petty issues which could be physically, financially, or advisory.

  • Be Pleasant:

Another most attractive trait of a personality is to behave pleasantly. You always respect and regard people who stay positive and respectful. This is what makes certain people more acceptable than the others in a neighborhood as well.

  • Return what you borrow:

Nothing annoys people more than the habit of not returning what you borrowed. It goes beyond cultures and boundaries and is a universal phenomenon. It not only annoys people but also makes them reluctant to borrow something in the future.

It is not only a trait of a good neighbor but also of a good human being. Make it a part of your values to always return what you borrow.

  • Resolve your issues with mutual understanding:

When you remain in a certain neighborhood, you are going to interact with people individually or in a community gathering.  There could be something bothering you about certain individuals or vice versa. Instead of keeping it inside or thinking to register a complaint, you shall consider talking through the issue with the person. Most of the time, they are merely misunderstanding and one god conversation clears the doubts.

The conversation is a universal cure and if you can strike a good conversation, you can solve any issue. So to keep the peace of your community intact, try to resolve issues within your circle with mutual understanding.

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The Bottom Line:

To live a tranquil and happy life, you need to have peace in your neighborhood. So, to make that happen, it is important to learn and practice the traits a good neighbor should have. Make them the part of your personality and get to live a peaceful life.