Tips for Finding a Rent Stabilized Apartment in NYC

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Rent stabilized apartments are ones in which rent is regulated, protecting them from drastic annual rate increases. In other words, tenants in rent stabilized apartments don’t have to worry about unexpected hikes in rent and there is no real risk of eviction because the owner is likely to renew the lease.

Finding a Rent-Stabilized Apartment

Rent stabilized apartments are the best thing that could happen to NYC tenants. If you are new to the city, you may have heard about this type of apartment; you may have also realized that these gems are hard to find.

Finding Rent Stabilized Buildings:

You’ll need to first learn how to recognize whether or not an apartment complex is rent stabilized. Generally, begin your search with the following criteria in mind:

  • Apartment buildings with six or more units.
  • Buildings built before 1974.

Finding Rent-Stabilized Buildings

Be mindful, though, that there are some newer developments that are classified as rent stabilized, so read the property description carefully.

Check Rental Databases:

The Rent Guidelines Board is a treasure trove of property information and a great place to start your search. Using the available filters, you can find rent stabilized properties by borough or zip code.

Check Rental Databases

There is also a website managed by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal where similar information is available. It may take some time but you’re bound to find some rent stabilized buildings in your desired neighborhood and within your preferred price range.

Visit Different Neighborhoods:

Urban planning forums have compiled maps showing neighborhoods where rent stabilized apartments are located. For instance, there is a concentration of rent stabilized apartments in Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn. Coupling your website searches with these maps will help you narrow down your search.

Look at Older Apartment Buildings:

Rent stabilized buildings are typically ones built between 1947 and 1974, so keep this in mind during your search. Of course, all buildings constructed during this timeframe won’t be rent stabilized, so make sure you do your research.

Use Helpful Keywords:

There are dozens of NYC real estate websites that include both rent stabilized and non-rent stabilized apartment listings. Be sure to include key terms like “stabilized” or “rent stabilized” to focus your search on these criteria.

Be Prepared to Move:

Rent stabilized units are hard to come by, so if you find one that you like, be ready to move on it right away! Trust me, it won’t be on the market long. Verify with the landlord that the building is one that is rent stabilized. You can also reach out to the DHCR for apartment history.

Be Prepared to Move

Be Patient:

Finding a vacant unit in a rent stabilized building is challenging, primarily because tenants tend to continually renew their leases given the rental perks. Be patient if going this route is a non-negotiable for you. It can be well worth your research efforts and the wait.

Consult with a Broker:

Sometimes it’s best to bring in a professional; that’s where a real estate broker comes in. They know the real estate market and would not only know which buildings were rent stabilized but would also know if any would soon be available for rent.

Consult with a Broker

Brokers require a fee, but they would be doing all the heavy lifting. Besides, can you really put a price on peace of mind?


What is a Rent-Stabilized Apartment?

A rent-stabilized apartment is a type of housing in New York City that is subject to rent regulations set by the city government. This typically means that landlords are limited in how much they can increase the rent each year, and tenants have certain rights and protections under the law.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in NYC?

Rent-stabilized apartments offer several benefits to tenants, including protections against steep rent increases, the ability to renew leases and stay in the same apartment for longer periods of time, and the opportunity to potentially negotiate with landlords for better lease terms or improvements to the unit.

How do I Know if an Apartment is Rent-Stabilized?

To determine whether an apartment is rent-stabilized, tenants can check their lease agreement, ask the landlord or management company directly, or search public records maintained by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

Are there any Eligibility Requirements for Renting a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in NYC?

While there are no specific eligibility requirements for renting a rent-stabilized apartment in NYC, tenants may need to meet certain income or credit requirements set by the landlord or management company. Additionally, some rent-stabilized apartments may be reserved for certain populations, such as seniors or individuals with disabilities.

Are Rent-Stabilized Apartments Hard to Find in NYC?

Yes, rent-stabilized apartments can be hard to find in NYC due to their limited availability and high demand.


It might take a little longer to find a rent stabilized apartment, but it’s not impossible. And once you find one, all the effort would have paid off.

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