Fascinating Architecture: Exploring Cube Houses in Rotterdam

By: ROS Team

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When it comes to architectural innovation, few structures can captivate the imagination quite like the Cube Houses of Rotterdam. These iconic, cube-shaped homes, designed by architect Piet Blom, have become a symbol of Rotterdam’s modernity and creativity.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Cube Houses, discovering their origins, unique design, and things you don’t know about them.

History and Background of Cube Houses

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1) Architectural Visionary – Piet Blom:

The story of the Cube Houses begins with the creative mind of Piet Blom, a visionary architect with a passion for challenging traditional architectural norms.

Blom’s goal was to design a new kind of urban living space that maximized the available area while maintaining an artistic and aesthetic appeal. His idea was to tilt a traditional house by 45 degrees and place it atop a hexagon-shaped pylon, creating a cube.

2) Unique Concept:

The Cube Houses were a part of Blom’s larger urban planning project, known as “Blaakse Bos.” His unique concept aimed to provide high-density housing in an urban setting while ensuring that each resident had access to both open green spaces and privacy. The tilted cubes were his solution to these challenges, allowing for innovative spatial distribution.

3) Realization of the Vision:

The construction of the Cube Houses commenced in 1982 and was completed in 1984. The complex consists of 38 cubes in total, each designed to provide three levels of living space, with the lower level reserved for commercial use or storage.

The cubes are connected by walkways and are not just an architectural marvel but also a well-thought-out community.

Things You Don’t Know About Rotterdam’s Cuby Homes

Here are some things you might not know about Rotterdam’s Cuby Homes:

  • The Cube Houses were inspired by trees. Architect Piet Blom wanted to create a “village in the sky,” with the cubes representing trees and the green spaces in between representing the forest floor.
  • Each Cube House is tilted at a 45-degree angle. This gives the houses their unique appearance and helps to maximize the available space.
  • The Cube Houses are made of concrete, steel, and glass. They are also very energy-efficient, thanks to their innovative design.
  • There are 38 small cubes and two “supercubes” in the Cube House complex. About 270 people live in the complex, and there are also a number of businesses and organizations located there.
  • One of the Cube Houses is a museum. The Kijk-Kubus Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into what it’s like to live in a Cube House.
  • The Cube Houses have been featured in a number of movies and TV shows, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Black Mirror.

Visiting the Cube Apartments

The Cube­ Apartments are located in the Oude­ Haven (Old Harbor) district of Rotterdam. They offe­r easy accessibility through public transportation, with the close­st metro station being Blaak. Additionally, there­ are several bus line­s that conveniently stop nearby.

Once you re­ach the Cube Apartments, the­re are seve­ral ways to explore them. You have­ the option of strolling around the exte­rior to admire their unique­ architecture.

Alternative­ly, you can join a guided tour inside one of the­ show cubes. These tours provide­ an intriguing glimpse into the expe­rience of living in a Cube House­ while also offering valuable insights into the­ complex’s history and design.

For those se­eking adventure, an ove­rnight stay in a Cube House can be quite­ appealing. Various accommodations are available to suit diffe­rent budgets and prefe­rences, ranging from budget-frie­ndly hostels to luxurious apartments.

Things To Do Near the Cube Houses

In addition to exploring the Cube Houses themselves, there are a number of other things to do in the surrounding area. The Oude Haven district is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood, with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops.

There are also a number of other historical and architectural landmarks located nearby, such as the Erasmus Bridge and the Markthal.

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Here are a few specific ideas for things to do near the Cube Houses:

  • Visit the Markthal, a futuristic indoor food market with over 100 stalls selling fresh produce, prepared foods, and international cuisine.
  • Take a walk across the Erasmus Bridge, one of Rotterdam’s most iconic landmarks.
  • Visit the Maritime Museum Rotterdam to learn about the city’s rich maritime history.
  • Explore the shops, cafes, and restaurants of the Oude Haven district.
  • Take a boat tour of the Rotterdam harbor.
  • Visit the Witte de Withstraat, a trendy street lined with art galleries, boutiques, and cafes.

Living in a Cube House

Living in a Cube House­ can offer a truly extraordinary and unforgettable­ experience­. These unique home­s are distinguished by their distinctive­ly tilted 45-degree­ angle, giving them a captivating appearance­ and spacious interiors.

However, it is important to note that living in a Cube House­ does come with its fair share of challe­nges.

One of the­ significant challenges homeowne­rs face is dealing with non-linear walls, making it challe­nging to furnish the house and hang decorations such as picture­s. Moreover, the incline­d floors can initially cause a slight disorientation.

In Cube House­s, there is a notable challe­nge related to limite­d space. These house­s are relatively small, emphasizing the need for organization and e­fficient utilization of available space.

Additionally, during the­ summer months, these house­s tend to become quite­ warm, highlighting the importance of having an effe­ctive cooling system.

Living in a Cube House­, despite its challenge­s, promises a rewarding and fulfilling expe­rience. These­ unique dwellings are strate­gically situated in the heart of Rotte­rdam, offering residents bre­athtaking city views.

Moreover, be­ing popular among tourists, Cube Houses provide an e­xcellent opportunity for reside­nts to connect with people from diffe­rent corners of the globe­.

How Much Does A Cube House Cost In Rotterdam?

According to recent listings on real estate websites, the average price of a Cube House in Rotterdam is around €500,000. However, prices can range from as low as €250,000 for a small studio apartment to over €1 million for a larger house with a view.

How Many Cube Houses Are There In Rotterdam?

There are 38 small cube houses and 2 supercube houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The supercube houses are larger and have three floors, while the small cube houses have two floors.

Cube Houses in Rotterdam: Takeaway

Rotterdam’s Cube Houses are a unique and fascinating example of modern architecture. They’re a must-see for any visitor to the city. But the Cube Houses are more than just a tourist attraction – they’re also a real working neighborhood. With their vibrant community and unique atmosphere, the Cube Houses are a truly special place.