Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving In NYC

By: ROS Team

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Moving – just like pulling a tooth or driving a long distance through a monotonous landscape – is one of the trials almost everyone faces at some point in their lives. It’s never fun; it can be unpleasant, but it can lead to a satisfying outcome if done well. For a large metropolis like New York City, a successful move depends on planning and avoiding common mistakes to make the process as smooth as possible.

Before you jump into executing a do-it-yourself move in NYC. It is essential to find out some of the mistakes you should avoid for a stress-free move to your new home.

Choosing A Busy Day for Your Move

Most landlords terminate leases in New York at the end of the month, and they require you to provide at least 30 days’ notice. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the last day of the month is the busiest for movers as tenants struggle to vacate right at the end of their leases and move into their new homes at the start of their new leases.

To avoid getting caught up in the moving rush, time your move for the middle of the month if possible. Moving at this time will ensure that you are in an advantageous position to negotiate a lower price with the moving company and will give you greater control over the time of day that suits you best.

Hire the Right Moving Company

Hiring A Mover Who Does Not Have NYC Experience

Moving into and around NYC is a different experience from moving house in any other part of the country. Unlike other cities or areas, you have to deal with heavy street traffic, almost non-existent parking, and severely cramped quarters.

A reputable NYC moving company saves you a lot of the headaches since it is well-versed with the intricacies of an inner-city move. The mover allows you to get your belongings into your new home as quickly as possible with minimal sidewalk and auto traffic disruption.

An experienced moving company will know the best ways to maneuver your furniture through narrow corridors and up a tight staircase. They can help you lift oversized pieces that cannot fit a staircase through a window when necessary.

So, How Do You Find an NYC Moving Company that Fulfills Your Needs? Here Are Some Tips:

  • Gather recommendations from past clients.
  • Compare several price quotes from different companies.
  • Get the details of their flat-rate quote and find out if you get a discount for paying cash.
  • Check for licenses and insurance.

Not Researching Your New Building’s Structure

Conducting recon on your new place will save you the hassle of moving day surprises. Manhattan real estate offers no guarantees of easy passage into your new home. Many inner-city buildings feature quirky doorways (they seemed so cute when you first saw them!), tight corners, narrow stairways, and apartments without elevators.

Ensure that you carefully measure all your furniture and any narrow hallways or doorways to know in advance if you need to disassemble and rebuild any items. If your new building is a walkup, take note of the number of flights of stairs and ask the landlord if there is a freight elevator that can help you move items easier.

Failing To Pack Everything Before Your Movers Arrive

Sorting and packing all of your belongings into boxes for a move is stressful. For this reason, many people procrastinate and delay packing their items until the very last moment when the moving van is at their doorstep. It would help if you kept in mind that packing breakable and valuable items is a challenge when you rush to get things done.

Time Is Moving Fast

Ideally, even if you do not yet know your final destination. You will know about a move weeks or months in advance. In this case, you should start packing your off-season items and things that you do not require daily. For instance, if you are moving in the summer, pack your winter coats well in advance, along with things like books and other items you only require once in a while.

The Following Steps Will Ensure that, on the Day of Your Move, You are Ready to go with a Minimum of Fuss:

  • Have plenty of boxes at hand, so you do not force items to fit.
  • Stock up on packing materials like newsprint paper and bubble wrap.
  • Ask your local bodegas for beverage boxes; They are sturdy and perfect for delicate items and books.
  • Create a box zone to stack up pre-packed items.
  • Pack your items so that movers can tip boxes upside down or on their sides without spilling or breaking the contents.
  • Buy colored stickers and label each box, especially “unpack first” for items you need to use every day.

Take The Stress Out of Your NYC Move

Whether you’re moving across the street, a couple of blocks away, or across the city. Moving to a new place in NYC can be very complicated and requires extensive planning in advance. You have to grapple with high-rise buildings, tight spaces, and plenty of street traffic, among other challenges.