14 Cheapest Places to Live in Washington State

By: ROS Team

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Washington State is famous for its bre­athtaking views, bustling cities, and varied culture. Although the state is often linke­d with high living costs, there are pocke­ts of affordability. In this article, we’ll explore 14 of the cheapest places to live in Washington State.

Affordable Places to Live in Washington

1. Spokane

Spokane ranks as the­ second biggest city in the state­. It stands out as the most budget-friendly place­ in Washington to live. The median price­ for a home here is $378,431 while the average rent is $1,353. Compared to other place­s in this area, it has a fairly low living cost.

Spokane, Washington
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But cheap living isn’t all Spokane’s got going for it. It’s got culture­ too! The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture­ calls Spokane home and it’s a dee­p dive into local history and arts.

Plus, Spokane is a great spot for food love­rs, musicians, and people who make art. The­re’s a big mix of skills and talents that make up its community. It’s a place­ where fresh ide­as and creativity are always being cooke­d up.

2. Kennewick

Kennewick, Washington, with a population of 84,488, stands as the second cheapest place to live in D.C, with a median household income of $52,600.

Kennewick, Washington
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It ranks on the list of the best places to start over, thanks to abundant job opportunities, affordable housing options, and a generally low cost of living.

The city is vibrant, with numerous outdoor events held in public parks during the warm season, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors and the community.

3. Yakima

Yakima, Washington, with a population of 96,578, is another affordable place to live in Washington.

Yakima, Washington
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Known for its wineries and apple orchards, the city is situated alongside the picturesque Yakima River, where adventure seekers can enjoy various outdoor activities. The average home price in Yakima is $336,794.

Additionally, Yakima hosts several annual festivals and events, including the Fresh Hop Ale Festival and the Central Washington State Fair, making it a vibrant and lively community to call home.

4. Wenatchee

Wenatchee, Washington, with a population of 35,405, draws folks with its stunning natural beauty and ample chances for outdoor fun.

Wenatchee, Washington
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It’s a hub for small businesses, promising a distinctive shopping and dining scene.

The average home price here is $465,682, while rent typically runs around $1,150 which means it is another affordable place to raise a family in Washington.

5. Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington, with a population of 219,205, is renowned for its Museum of Glass featuring artworks by famous glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Tacoma, Washington
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Downtown Tacoma attracts urbanites with affordable living spaces offering impressive mountain, city, and water views, while families favor the city’s charming neighborhoods that provide big city amenities.

The median household income stands at $64,457. Located just 20 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and easily accessible from downtown Seattle and neighboring cities, Tacoma is a city experiencing growth and development.

6. Redmond

Redmond is the sixth most affordable place to live in Washington. The average rent? Only $2,490. One cool fact? It’s where Microsoft and Nintendo of America are headquartered.

What makes Redmond special is it has excellent schools and a bustling economy. It’s got a wonde­rful park system for the outdoorsy.

The neighborhood is safe and sound and the be­st part is the city’s promise to safeguard Mothe­r Nature. For cycling enthusiasts, Redmond offers plenty of bike lane­s and trails. 

7. Longview

Longview, Washington, a city of 37,824 residents, has a short yet fascinating history. Just under 75 years ago, the land where Longview now thrives was mainly wilderness and scattered rural homes.

Longview, Washington
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Today, it offers an affordable living experience with an average home price of $373,513 and an average rent of $1,095. The median household income in Longview is $53,044, making it an attractive option for those seeking a cost-effective lifestyle in a community with a unique heritage.

8. Auburn

Auburn, Washington, with a population of 85,699, is a city that values green spaces, boasting 28 developed parks, urban trails, and ample open areas. Located near Seattle and Tacoma, Auburn serves as a key transportation hub.

The average home price is $572,147, and the average rent is $1,818, making it relatively affordable for residents. The cost of living in Auburn is 29.7 percent lower than the Washington state average, as reported by BestPlaces.net.

9. Bothell

Bothell, Washington, with a population of 47,784, offers an affordable alternative for those looking to live near Seattle without the high cost of living.

Bothell, Washington
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The city hosts various cultural events, including the 1880s Pioneer Cemetery and the Freedom Festival, a July 4th celebration. The average rent in Bothell is $2,266, and the median household income is $116,578.

10. Pasco

With a population of 78,871, Pasco, Washington offers a family-friendly environment with good schools, healthcare services, faith communities, job opportunities, recreational spaces, and pleasant weather. The median household income stands at $70,486, making it an accessible place to live. Pasco is a welcoming community where people settle down and raise their families in a safe and forward-thinking setting.

11. Bellingham

Bellingham, Washington, with a population of 92,289, was formed in 1903 by merging four towns: Fairhaven, Whatcom, Sehome, and Bellingham.

Bellingham, Washington
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It stands as the final major city before Washington’s coastline meets the Canadian border.

The city is renowned for its nationally praised K-12 public schools, two community colleges, and Western Washington University, consistently ranked as a top public regional university. Additionally, the average rent in Bellingham is approximately $1,500 making it an affordable place to call home.

12. Olympia

Olympia, the capital of Washington state with a population of 55,919, is a charming city that offers a mix of diverse shopping and dining options.

Olympia, Washington
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The Westside of Olympia serves as a regional shopping hub, featuring the popular Capital Mall and Olympia Auto Mall.

Seafood enthusiasts are drawn to the city for its waterfront dining options. The median household income in Olympia stands at $67,975, making it an attractive place to enjoy a variety of culinary experiences while living comfortably.

13. Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington, with a population of 192,169, is the penultimate city on our list of affordable places to live in Washington. Founded in 1825 and incorporated in 1857, it offers a median household income of $63,617 per year and boasts an impressive employment rate of 96.5%.

Visitors and residents alike can explore the city’s rich history by visiting the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, one of the first permanent settlements west of the Rocky Mountains, and by learning about the area’s aviation heritage at Pearson Field and Air Museum.

14. Connell

Connell, Washington, with a population of 4,954, is probably the smallest city in our list. The average rent is $1,060, and the median household income is $59,239. Established in 1883 as a railroad stop called Palouse Junction, Connell is a vibrant rural community in Eastern Washington.

It offers a quality of life that is rare today. It’s a place where people know their neighbors, where no one is a stranger, and where the whole community comes out to support the local schools and athletic programs.

Cheapest Places to Live in Washington: Final Words

While Washington State is often associated with higher living costs, there are affordable options available for those who seek a more budget-friendly lifestyle. These 14 places offer a range of amenities and opportunities, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest without straining their wallets.