12 Cheapest Places To Live In Arizona

By: ROS Team

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When it comes to living in the southwestern United States, Arizona offers a unique blend of natural beauty, a diverse cultural scene, and a lower cost of living compared to many other states.

If you’re searching for an affordable place to call home in Arizona, you’re in luck, as we will explore the 12 affordable places to live in Arizona in this article.

Affordable Places To Live In Arizona

1) Yuma

Situated in the­ southwestern corner of Arizona, Yuma stands out as the cheapest city to live in Arizona with a population of 97,093.

Yuma, Arizona
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The average­ value of a home in Yuma is $284,798, while the typical rent hove­rs around $850. With a median household income of $52,183, Yuma offe­rs a remarkable blend of affordability and comfort.

Notably, according to Guinness World Records, Yuma holds the title of the “Sunniest City on Earth,” offering sunshine and warm weather at least 91% of the year, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy a sun-soaked environment.

2) Casa Grande

Casa Grande, Arizona
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Casa Grande, AZ, the 2nd most affordable place to live in Arizona, has a population of 57,699. It’s conveniently situated between Tucson and Phoenix, making it an attractive option for those seeking lower living costs while still being close to major cities. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike along the Peart Road Trailhead. The median household income in Casa Grande is $52,841.

3) Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista, AZ, is another one of the cheapest places to live in Arizona with an average home price of $172,600.

Sierra Vista, Arizona
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It’s a great place for birdwatching and is known as the “hummingbird capital of the US.” With a population of 45,479, the city offers a quieter, suburban lifestyle while being within a reasonable driving distance of Tucson and its amenities.

4) Bullhead City

Bullhead City, located along the Colorado River, provides a relaxed environment and affordable living. With a population of 42,232 and a median household income of $41,507, it’s a budget-friendly place to call home, with one-bedroom rentals averaging $975 per month.

Bullhead City, Arizona
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Bullhead City attracts around two million visitors annually, drawn to its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

Moreover, its strategic location, easily accessible via major highways, makes it a short drive away from major cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, enhancing its appeal for both residents and tourists.

5) Kingsman

Kingman, with a population of 33,822, ranks as the 5th most affordable­ place to live in Arizona. Nestle­d in the breathtaking Northweste­rn region along the iconic Route 66, Kingman boasts a compe­lling array of attractions. Noteworthy stops include the captivating Historic Route­ 66 Museum and the enlighte­ning Mohave Museum.

Additionally, the awe­-inspiring Mojave Desert e­nvelops Kingman, offering boundless opportunitie­s for picturesque hikes, invigorating bike­ rides, and exhilarating horseback adve­ntures. With an average home­ value of $266,444, Kingman presents an alluring choice­ for those seeking affordability amidst the­ splendor of the Grand Canyon State.

6) Douglas

Douglas is a small city with a population of 16,513. It’s known for its affordability, where you can find one-bedroom apartments for around $575 per month, well below the state’s average. It’s also been recognized as one of the nation’s best “micropolitan” areas.

The Douglas area boasts a rich Western heritage, with cattle ranches, the famous Slaughter Ranch, and the scenic San Bernardino and Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuges. Additionally, the city offers various community amenities, including Cochise College, an 18-hole golf course, and an indoor aquatic center.

7) Coolidge

Next city on our list of affordable places to live in Arizona is Coolidge. It is a city located southeast of Phoenix.

Coolidge, Arizona
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Coolidge’s most notable feature is the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The population of Coolidge is 14,709. The best thing about Coolidge is its affordable housing market, with an average home cost of $288,810 and a median rent of just $810 per month.

8) Eloy

Eloy, a city in Pinal County, Arizona, has a population of 15,450. It was initially established as a railroad town in the late 1800s and was incorporated in 1949. Over the last 30 years, Eloy has been a regional trade center for a thriving agricultural economy. The median household income in Eloy is $39,835, making it another affordable place to live in Arizona.

9) Florence

The Town of Florence, founded in 1866, is the sixth-oldest settlement in Arizona. History buffs will enjoy it, as it has 25 historic buildings. With a population of 26,205, Florence has been steadily growing, constructing over 200 new homes each year. The average rent is $995 which shows that it is another cheap place to call home in AZ.

10) Avondale

Avondale is a popular de­stination for sports enthusiasts, thanks to its famous Phoenix Raceway. With a population of 90,564, the­ city offers a vibrant community.

Avondale, Arizona
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The median house­hold income stands at $67,886, providing a comfortable living standard.

Looking for housing? On average­, a 1-bedroom apartment rents for $1,524. And don’t forge­t to explore the bre­athtaking Estrella Mountain Regional Park during your visit to Avondale. It offe­rs picturesque views and exciting hiking trails.

11) Tucson

Tucson, with a population of 543,242, is a vibrant city known for its central core, home to the University of Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona
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It basks in over 350 days of sunshine annually, and its median home price stands at $335,000.

Living in Tucson offers not only affordable living, with a cost nearly 10% lower than the national average but also easy access to the stunning Saguaro National Park for nature enthusiasts.

12) Phoenix

Phoenix wraps up our list of cheapest places to live in Arizona. It is the capital of Arizona and has a population of 1.625 million. It’s a big city with affordable rent, about $1500 per month, similar to the national average. The city’s broad streets, Spanish-style buildings, and nearby mountains give it a Los Angeles vibe.

Affordable Places To Live In Arizona: Takeaway

Arizona is not only known for its stunning natural landscapes but also for its affordable living options. The 12 places mentioned in this article offer a wide range of choices for those seeking cost-effective living without sacrificing the quality of life.