Best Ways To Protect Your Home From Pests This Summer

By: ROS Team

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For many people, summertime is the best time of the year. It’s the season for vacations, playing outdoors, going on picnics, and enjoying nicer weather. Unfortunately, many types of pests like summer, too, and this can spell trouble for you and your home. Mice, spiders, termites, and ants thrive during this time of the year and can wreak havoc in your house. This can make you and your family members feel vulnerable, unsafe, or nervous. It can be embarrassing, messy, or even hazardous to your health to contend with pests. Before you become overwhelmed with an infestation, take preventive measures by warding off these uninvited guests.

Seal Openings and Entry Points

The pests that invade your home are small, and in some cases, extremely tiny. It can be difficult to fend them off and keep them from getting inside your house. Pests make their way into your home through small cracks around the doors and windows. It doesn’t take much of an opening for ants, termites, spiders, or mice to get through. The older your home is, the higher the chances you need to reseal door frames, window casings, and other popular critter entry points. Purchase some caulk and go through these common places.

Keep Your House Clean

In the summertime, your home may be more likely to get untidy and dirty. Kids are out of school and home more often. Friends may be over frequently, too. And when these things happen, the chances are good that food will be involved.

Keep Your House Clean

Make sure to keep your home free of crumbs and portions of food. Sweep and mop often, and wipe down countertops and tables regularly. Using products with antiseptics make your home less appealing to pests. This is also a perfect time of the year to declutter and organize your place. Some pests love mess, so it may be time to get rid of junk from the basement.

Secure Your Food Properly

Like any animal, household pests are always on the lookout for food. Leaving food out or not properly sealed is an invitation to bugs and other pests to come right inside and make themselves at home. For any packaged food, make you keep it in cupboards or closed pantries. If you have food on open shelves, it’s a good idea to put the items in air-tight containers that pests can’t get into. The same goes for pet food. Cockroaches, ants, and mice love dog food. If you’re leaving bags of dog food out, pests won’t be far behind. Put this food in large storage bins with lids.

Purchase Traps or Poison

If you think you may have a pest problem, it won’t hurt to be proactive and set some traps up around the house. You can also find bait stations will poison pellets or blocks that effectively kill pests. The good news is that these products are cost-effective and won’t set you back nearly as much as hiring a professional exterminator. You don’t have to spot a mouse or any other pest to set out poison or traps. If you suspect that your home may be at risk of housing pests, act now and set out these products.

Make Your Home Unappealing to Pests

Unwanted house guests like rodents and spiders, among other animals, look for certain elements before invading a house. One of the most attractive qualities of a home is the humidity level. Many pests prefer a damp, humid environment.

Make Your Home Unappealing to Pests

This is why you’ll often spot them in basements, attics, or crawl spaces. Laundry rooms are other favorite spots for pests to hide. Purchasing a dehumidifier can save you a lot of stress and grief. You can also ensure that your home has good ventilation and airflow.

Hire a Professional

If the pest infestation cannot be controlled, then it’s time to call the best pest control company in New York City to take care of the problem for good. The exterminator will first give a consultation before recommending a treatment. Not only can exterminators kill the pests currently in your house, but they can also prevent other pests from moving in.

Pest control can be a challenging activity. It’s best to avoid a pest problem in the first place by taking preventative measures like keeping your home clean. With some effort on your part, you may not have to worry about dealing with pests ever again.

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