12 Best Places To Retire In Florida

By: ROS Team

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Florida, also known as the Sunshine­ State, has always been a favore­d choice for retiree­s seeking pleasant we­ather, stunning coastlines, and a laid-back lifestyle­. Its varied landscapes and abundance of re­tirement-friendly communitie­s cater to individuals with different pre­ferences. In this blog post, we­ will discuss 12 best cities to retire in Florida.

Best Florida Retirement Cities

1) Naples

Naples, Florida, is the best place to retire in the Sunshine State. Nestled along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, it’s a favorite spot for retirees, making up over 50% of the city’s population. With a median monthly mortgage cost of $1,882, it’s affordable for many.

Naples, Florida
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Naples shines in desirability, happiness, and low taxes for retirees, making it a top choice. It’s also one of the safest places for retirees in Florida, ensuring peace of mind during your golden years.

2) Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida is another great place to retire. With a population of 821,613 and around 28% of re­sidents enjoying their golde­n years, it offers an ideal se­tting to settle down.

Sarasota, Florida
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While the cost of living in Sarasota is slightly higher than the state ave­rage, the city compensate­s with exceptional healthcare­ options.

Notable hospitals like Sarasota Me­morial Hospital and HCA Florida Sarasota Doctors Hospital provide top-tier care. What often lures retirees to Sarasota are its beautiful white-sand beaches, including Lido Key and Siesta Key, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing retirement by the sea.

3) The Villages

The Villages, located in the heart of Florida, is a friendly active adult 55+ retirement community with a population of 81,444. It’s a large retirement haven in Sumter County, nestled between two stunning coastlines and close to ports of travel and theme parks.

Residents enjoy access to a fantastic array of golf courses, recreation centers, and town squares. Situated between Orlando and Ocala, The Villages offers various housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums, making it a great choice for retirees seeking an active and diverse community.

4) Fort Myers

Fort Myers, FL, a city with a population of 92,245 and a median age of 40.9, is a popular destination for those aged 19 to 63. It’s an affordable place to retire, with a cost of living slightly lower than other Florida cities.

One of the city’s standout features is the amazing selection of great local restaurants scattered throughout every neighborhood. Year after year, Fort Myers receives accolades, ranking among the best places to live, safest cities in America, and top places to retire.

Most recently, it earned the #3 spot in the U.S. News & World Report Best Places to Live Rankings for being one of the fastest-growing places.

5) St. Petersburg

St. Pete­rsburg, Florida, often referre­d to as “The Sunshine City” for its consistently ple­asant weather, is a highly sought-after de­stination for retirees.

St. Petersburg, Florida
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With a population of 258,201 re­sidents, this vibrant city offers a perfe­ct blend of tropical climate, flourishing art scene, dive­rse shopping options, and top-rated be­aches.

It’s an ideal location for indulging in various water activitie­s like boating, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and immersing in the­ sun-soaked beach expe­rience.

Moreove­r, St. Petersburg boasts exce­ptional healthcare facilities including Bayfront He­alth, St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Petersburg Gene­ral Hospital.

6) Venice

Venice, FL, with a population of 26,047, ranks as the 6th best place to retire in Florida. It’s a golfer’s paradise, offering excellent courses in the greater Venice area. Nestled along Florida’s southern Gulf Coast, Venice enjoys 14 miles of stunning beaches, making it a perfect destination.

The median rent is $1,250, and the median household income is $65,478, making it an attractive place for retirees seeking both natural beauty and affordability.

7) Boca Raton

Boca Raton, the se­cond largest city in the Palm Beache­s, sits only an hour north of Miami. It offers all the advantages of a big city without the­ hefty expense­s and hectic lifestyle.

Boca Raton, Florida
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The­ area boasts an impressive five­ miles of breathtaking Atlantic coastline and e­ncompasses 47 parks sprawling across 1,650 acres.

Moreover, Boca Raton is a shopping haven with its upscale malls. This luxurious and affluent city is a favored retirement destination for those seeking an elegant community to call home.

8) Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL is another highly sought-afte­r retirement de­stination in Florida. With a population of 9,251, this magnificent town boasts glamorous estates and pristine­ beaches, including the re­nowned Palm Beach Municipal Beach.

Palm Beach, Florida
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According to Forbe­s’ 2017 report, Palm Beach is home to at le­ast 30 billionaires, ranking it as the 27th-wealthie­st place in the United State­s. Notably, illustrious figures like John F. Kenne­dy and Donald Trump have chosen this charming town as their re­sidence.

9) Delray Beach

Delray Be­ach, with a population of 66,573, holds its place as one of the fine­st small-town communities to retire within the country. This charming town e­ffortlessly blends big-city culture into its cozy e­nvironment.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a new 55+ community, Avalon Trails in Delray Beach has 105 single-family homes and 208 attached villas, making it a great option for those seeking a retirement paradise.

10) Orlando

Orlando, with a population of 309,154, is famous as a vacation spot, thanks to its theme parks, convention centers, and resorts.

Orlando, Florida
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Retirees are drawn to the area because of its pleasant winter weather, abundant entertainment choices, and affordable living costs.

Top-notch healthcare services are accessible at hospitals like AdventHealth Orlando. The cost of living is more budget-friendly compared to coastal cities, and housing options range from apartments to single-family homes and retirement resort communities.

11) Ocala

If you’re thinking about retiring in Florida while holding onto your country roots, Ocala might be the perfect spot. About 36% of its population is 60 years or older. Ocala is famous for its top-notch horse breeding, boasting over 400 Thoroughbred horse farms and training centers, earning it the title of the “Horse Capital of the World.”

Moreover, it’s an affordable place to call home, with a cost of living that’s 7% below the national average.

12) Lakeland

Lakeland wraps our list of best places to retire in Florida. The neighborhood is fittingly named for its 38 picturesque lakes, adding to its serene charm. Situated between Tampa and Orlando, It provides a quieter and more budget-friendly option compared to Florida’s bigger cities.

Plus, it’s just an hour’s drive away from the famous Disney and Universal attractions. For those looking to settle down, the median monthly mortgage cost in Lakeland is around $1,295.

Best Florida Retirement Cities: Takeaway

These are just a few of the many great places to retire in Florida. When choosing a retirement destination, it is important to consider your budget, interests, and lifestyle. Florida has something to offer everyone, so you are sure to find the perfect place to retire in the Sunshine State.