10 Best Places to Live in Charlotte NC (2024)

By: ROS Team

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Located in the middle of North Carolina, Charlotte shines with its vibrant culture, economic growth, and endless opportunities. Based on the US census information between 2005-2015, it sparkles as a leading city in the increase of millennial population thus attracting young professionals who are looking for an exciting life.

Corporate giants like Bank of America, Truist Financial, and Wells Fargo have made Charlotte their headquarters making it stand out as far as economic might and creativity are concerned.  Let’s delve into the top 10 best areas to live in Charlotte NC – each one promises nothing but a a brighter future.

Best Places to Live in Charlotte NC

1. SouthPark

Median Home Price: $805,948
Population: 16,549

SouthPark, an area edge city in Charlotte, is the best place to live in Charlotte NC. It’s known for its fancy lifestyle, great schools, and fancy shops. The streets have lots of trees, and the homes are really nice, which draws in families and professionals. The median household income here is $90,851. Plus, SouthPark is close to other neighborhoods like Dilworth, Myers Park, and Uptown.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • SouthPark Mall: A premier shopping destination with high-end retailers, fashion boutiques, and upscale dining options.
  • Symphony Park: An outdoor venue hosting concerts, events, and cultural performances in a picturesque setting.


2. Myers Park

Median Home Price: $1,608,193
Population: 9,809

Myers Park, one of Charlotte’s oldest and fanciest neighborhoods, boasts grand homes, shady streets, and a rich past. It’s famous for its lovely parks like Freedom Park and is where Queens University stands tall. If you’re looking for a classy, long-standing community, Myers Park is top-notch. Plus, it’s got the “Booty Loop,” a favorite 2.85-mile path for walking, running, and biking.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Freedom Park: A sprawling park with walking trails, sports facilities, and a picturesque lake, providing a perfect spot for outdoor activities.
  • Queens University of Charlotte: Explore the beautiful campus and attend cultural events, lectures, and performances.


3. NoDa (North Davidson)

Median Home Price: $625,000
Population: 2,745

NoDa, a bustling neighborhood, is filled with lively art scenes and charming historic mill houses. It’s a magnet for younger folks and those who love diversity. In recent years, there have been lots of new apartment buildings popping up, making it a hot spot for living. It’s known for its bi-monthly gallery crawls and is packed with art galleries, music spots, and tasty eateries.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • NoDa Arts District: Home to numerous art galleries, studios, and murals, showcasing the vibrant local arts scene.
  • Cabo Fish Taco: A popular spot for eclectic cuisine, offering a diverse menu of tacos, burritos, and creative seafood dishes.


4. Ballantyne

Median Home Price: $713,898
Population: 20,936

Ballantyne, a suburban oasis and developing edge city on the southside of Charlotte, is renowned for its family-friendly vibe, top-notch schools, and fancy amenities. It’s got a mix of homes and posh apartments, which families love.

Ballantyne Corporate Park is a big job hub, attracting pros who want to balance work and family. Plus, it’s home to St. Matthew Catholic Church, the largest Catholic congregation in the U.S. Median household income? A cool $96,435.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge: A luxury resort offering upscale accommodations, golf courses, and spa services.
  • Ballantyne Corporate Park: Explore the area’s major employment center with a mix of businesses, dining options, and green spaces.


5. Elizabeth

Median Home Price: $647,022
Population: 3,961

Elizabeth, a charming historic ne­ighborhood, showcases a delightful blend of archite­ctural styles like bungalows and Victorian homes. Whe­n you venture into downtown Elizabeth City, you’ll be­ greeted by historic buildings transforme­d into bookstores, coffeehouse­s, and specialty retail shops.

The dive­rse culinary scene range­s from exquisite Southern cooking to tantalizing Japane­se sushi. Here, you’ll find walkable­ streets, local shops, and convenie­nt access to prominent medical facilitie­s, such as Novant Health Presbyterian Me­dical Center.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Independence Park: A historic park with walking trails, tennis courts, and a rose garden, offering a serene environment.
  • The Fig Tree Restaurant: A fine dining establishment housed in a charming historic home, known for its upscale American cuisine.


6. Dilworth

Median Home Price: $753,688
Population: 10,231

Dilworth, a neighborhood situate­d near SouthEnd and Uptown, is renowned for its charming historic home­s, picturesque stree­ts adorned with trees, and a life­style that encourages walking. A bustling are­a, East Boulevard serves as a gathe­ring place for local shops and restaurants, fostering a strong se­nse of community.

Do You Know:According to Niche, Dilworth is the best place to live in Charlotte NC.”

One notable fe­ature of Dilworth is the prese­nce of Charlotte’s largest hospital, Carolinas Medical Center. With a capacity of 861 beds, this te­aching hospital also serves as the re­gion’s sole Level 1 trauma ce­nter.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Latta Park: A popular community park with playgrounds, sports facilities, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • 300 East: A beloved Dilworth restaurant serving a diverse menu of American and international dishes in a cozy setting.


7. South End

Median Home Price: $603,000
Population: 17,358

The South End ne­ighborhood is undergoing significant growth and is recognized for its unique­ blend of industrial charm and contemporary style. It’s home­ to fashionable apartments and a lively bre­wery scene. The­ Rail Trail offers a picturesque route­ for walking and biking, and the area’s repurposing of historic buildings adds to its distinctive­ character.

South End has a diverse past, with a le­gacy in industries such as gold, textiles, transportation, and te­chnology. It’s a vibrant community where creativity thrive­s and people unite.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • The Rail Trail: A popular urban trail featuring public art installations, green spaces, and access to local breweries and eateries.
  • Sycamore Brewing: A trendy brewery with a spacious outdoor area, food trucks, and a rotating selection of craft beers.


8. Steele Creek

Median Home Price: $409,434
Population: 76,301

Steele Creek is a suburban community in southwest Charlotte known for its family-friendly environment and proximity to Lake Wylie. With a mix of housing options, including new developments and established neighborhoods, Steele Creek appeals to a diverse range of residents. Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the area’s parks, recreational facilities, and access to Lake Wylie for water activities.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • McDowell Nature Preserve: A large nature reserve with hiking trails, a lake, and opportunities for birdwatching and outdoor recreation.
  • Rivergate Shopping Center: A retail and dining destination with a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.


9. Cotswold

Median Home Price: $674,329
Population: 4,437

Cotswold is a residential area with a mix of housing options, from mid-century homes to new developments. Residents enjoy the convenience of Cotswold Shopping Center, which offers a variety of shops and restaurants.

This neighborhood is known for its excellent schools and proximity to Uptown, making it an attractive choice for families and professionals alike.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Colonel Francis Beatty Park: A spacious park with a lake, playgrounds, and sports facilities, providing a recreational haven for residents.


10. Plaza Midwood

Median Home Price: $755,692
Population: 3,993

Plaza Midwood, a neighborhood located approximately one mile to the northeast of Uptown in Charlotte, wraps up our list of best places to live in Charlotte NC. It is locally known as one of Charlotte’s most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods, filled with art galleries, funky stores, and restaurants. Central Ave, a main street in the area, is a mecca for local businesses, making it a vibrant place to explore and live.

Notable Places to Visit:

  • Snug Harbor: A hip music venue with a nautical theme, hosting local and regional rock acts along with DJ nights.
  • Midwood Smokehouse: Offers smoky meats and traditional sides that deliver an authentic taste of North Carolina barbecue.


Where to Live in Charlotte NC?

The best place to live in Charlotte NC depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to be in the center of the city with easy access to nightlife and entertainment? Uptown is the place for you. Or maybe you’re a young family looking for good schools and a safe environment? Then Dilworth or Myers Park could be a good fit. There are also plenty of affordable and trendy neighborhoods like South End, perfect for young professionals.

Why Move to Charlotte NC?

Charlotte has it all: a robust job market, a cost of living lower than the national average (93.6 compared to the US average of 100), and a lively city vibe complete with an emerging culinary community and proximity to the great outdoors.