Get to know the Best Home Inspection Services in NYC

By: Abdullah Haroon

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The home inspection is an important step in the process of getting a new home; be it for rental or ownership purposes. You need to inspect the property before moving in as well as before stepping out of the property towards the end of the lease.

For home inspection, you need to contact the best in business in NYC because it is going to decide your living experience at the property. A good inspector would let you know about the issues in the building so you may get them fixed before moving in.

It is likely to cost you some amount but that would be worth every penny. So you should not compromise over home inspection. It is likely to cost you between $150 and $450 depending on various factors such as the size of the apartment or what you want them to inspect.

In a standard home inspection, they usually examine the following:

  • Plumbing Issues
  • Electrical System
  • Structural Problems in Floors, Walls, or Doors
  • Wear and Tear

Note: Termite inspection is not included in the standard inspection and you have to get that done with additional charges if you are interested.

You should ask your friends and family if they have hired any home inspection company in the past and want to recommend it, while another alternative is to do an online search and read their reviews.

While you may compile a list of your own based on your search, we have compiled a list for you as well. Give it a glimpse:

1- Superior Home Inspectors:

Superior home inspectors provide services in all boroughs of NYC. Get the quotation done in a couple of days. If you need to get your house inspected on very short notice, call them anytime and they would get back to you in two working days. They have a very rich history in the business and have been providing services for the last three decades. You would get the report within your time limit.

They are very popular among the locals and therefore it becomes difficult to get an appointment sometimes.

2- Green Apple Home Inspections:

If you happen to be a co-op or condo owner, Green Apple Home Inspection is your go-to destination. They hold the distinction and vast experience in residential buildings. They perform an inspection on each detail of the house such as walls, doors, floors, ceilings, plumbing issues, cooling systems, cabinets, electricity, and installed appliances.

They do perform the termite inspection without any additional charges. As they perform detailed work, it is likely to take a long time to inspect, so stay prepared. They have all certificates and licenses for doing the job and are registered with the local apartment as well.

They are very responsive and would contact you back in 10 minutes of your contact.

Note: They do not operate in all boroughs; only in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

3- True Test Home Inspection:

They hold the distinction in inspecting the termites. It is the most popular company for doing the job in NYC. They have a license and vast experience to do the job. Typically, home inspectors do not check for termites. Along with termites, they are good at examining the houses if it has any safety issues, especially that of fire.

They work in all boroughs of NYC and respond at very short notice. They are extremely professional and love doing what they do. You may relax as you would be in safe hands.

You would get the report within a day. If you spare a moment and read the reviews online, you would get to know how efficient they are in their job.

4- House Pro Home Inspection:

It is another good name in the field of home inspection. They are also very responsive and get back to the customers in 20 minutes or less. The only downside is that they only operate in Brooklyn. However, they do extend the services to the rest of the boroughs on request.  They cost good against the higher standard services they deliver.

They keep a keen eye on minor details as well as major issues. It is extremely good for the potential tenants to see the living conditions of the house before getting into any lease. They work on relation-building with their customers and help them even after the assignment is over.

However, you must keep in mind that they are relatively expensive than other companies in the town.

5- The Inspection Boys Brooklyn:

Do not be carried away with the name, they do offer services in other boroughs as well. They are the busiest people in the town and manage great work of load. Apart from conventional inspection, they offer unique services such as indoor air quality testing, water, soil, lead, mold, compounds, and asbestos.

Another distinctive feature is that they send two inspectors to conduct the inspection. What it does is that it adds another layer of security because you can never remove the probability of human error. It means that you can rest your trust with them. They would perform the inspection at the asked time and deliver the report within a day.

They also have the license to do the termite inspection however, they charge extra for it.

6- Environmental Assessments & Solutions, Inc.

They not only provide services in New York City but also in New York State. They have been conducting inspections for three decades and working round the clock. They do not even charge extra for night or evening inspections. In their inspection, they examine asbestos material, moisture assessment, and contamination inspection.

They have all certificates and a license to work in the whole of NYS. The owner himself makes sure that let there be no mistake left and visits the inspection site personally more often. When it comes to home inspection, they are extremely popular in NYC. Additionally, they are available 24/7.

The Bottom Line:

If you have not made your own list of the best home inspection companies in NYC, you may take help from the above-mentioned names. Have a great experience.

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