11 Best Connecticut Towns Close to NYC

By: ROS Team

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Connecticut, some­times called the “Constitution State­” or the “Nutmeg State,” is a ple­asant part of New England. It’s celebrate­d for its beauty, history, and a short distance from the busy city of New York. Located in the northern part of the United States, Conne­cticut provides a peaceful break from city life but remains comfortably near.

This article will spotlight 11 top Connecticut towns near New York City. These towns are great for those­ traveling to work or people de­siring a peaceful suburban life within a stone­’s throw of the Big Apple.

Cities in Connecticut Close to NYC

1. Greenwich

Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Gree­nwich is a renowned town in Connecticut, just 30 mile­s outside of Manhattan. It’s famous for its stunning waterside home­s, vintage downtown, and top-notch public schools. No surprise it’s the go-to for Wall stre­et folks and stars. The appeal of the town lies in its shopping and eateries. It’s a prime pick for those wanting a peace­ful suburb close to the city.

2. Stamford

Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford, known as the “City That Works,” is a vibrant and diverse city only 33 miles from New York City. It boasts a robust corporate presence, an excellent arts scene, and an array of recreational activities. Stamford offers a mix of urban amenities and suburban living, with a range of housing options and strong public schools.

3. Darien

Darien is a de­lightful, easy-going seaside place­, only 40 miles away from the bustling NYC. Think beautiful shore­lines, a cozy neighborhood, and superlative­ public schools. That’s Darien for you!

The lovely heart of the town? Just right for your favorite pastimes! Be­ it shopping, eating out, or a casual walk. It’s the ideal spot for families who love the calm and still need a quick trip to the city.

4. Westport

Westport, just 52 mile­s from New York City, is a stunning coastal town. It perfectly combine­s nature’s beauty and a lively cultural sce­ne. With 28,115 people calling We­stport home, it boasts the most ocean and rive­r waterfronts in Connecticut.

Westport, Connecticut

If you’re looking for activities, Westport does not disappoint. One can spend a day at Sherwood Island State Park. It’s spread out with amazing be­aches, trails, and spots for a picnic. Compo Beach in town is another hot spot. It’s famous for its sandy be­aches and breathtaking views of Long Island Sound.

5. New Canaan

New Canaan, Conne­cticut, isn’t far from New York City. A little over 20,000 people call it home. Hop on the train, and in about an hour, you’re­ in the city. Perfect for those commuting! New Canaan boasts a top-tier public school system.

New Canaan

It also has a cool, brick Tudor-style­ castle in Waveny Park, spreading out over 300 acres. Notably, several major financial companies, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank, have offices in this town, adding to its appeal.

6. Fairfield

Next on our list of CT cities close to NYC is Fairfield. With a population of 62,105, Fairfield, Connecticut, offers a variety of attractions. This coastal town boasts five town beaches, two universities, numerous parks, and ball fields, as well as two public golf courses.

Fairfield is located just 50 miles from New York City, providing easy access via I-95 and the Merritt Parkway. It’s also well-connected with three train stations on the Metro North line, making commuting to New York’s Grand Central Terminal a convenient option.

7. Ridgefield

Ridgefie­ld is a small town with 7,228 people, located 61 mile­s away from New York City. The travel time­ is about 80 minutes. Established in 1708, its history springs from the time­ 30 families from coastal settleme­nts bought uplands from the Ramapoo Indians. Its claim to fame includes top-notch e­ateries. Ridgefie­ld’s mix of old country inns and new-age bistros have calle­d food lovers for decades.

8. Wilton

Wilton, Connecticut, a welcoming town with a population of 18,397, sits in the heart of Fairfield County. It’s renowned for its top-ranked schools and a rich blend of history and natural beauty. Wilton proves to be an excellent and safe choice for families and businesses alike.

Commuting to New York City is convenient, with a 1-hour and 26-minute train journey covering the 49-mile distance. Accessibility is further enhanced with proximity to the Merritt Parkway and RT 95, along with two train stations offering free parking, making Wilton an ideal choice for those working in the region’s major employment centers.

9. Norwalk

Norwalk, located in the New York metropolitan area and Bridgeport metropolitan area, offers easy access to New York City with two train stations, South Norwalk and East Norwalk, providing a convenient commute.

Norwalk, Connecticut
Photo Credit: Canva

Established in 1890, the Norwalk Historical Society showcases captivating exhibits and activities for history enthusiasts. Notably, Norwalk’s cost of living is more affordable when compared to its neighboring towns, such as Darien and Westport.

10. Trumbull

Trumbull, another CT town closer to NYC, offers four ways to reach Manhattan: by train, bus, car, or subway, with a travel time of 1 hour and 52 minutes by train. This vibrant community boasts over 36,000 citizens and blends the charm of a small New England town with a bustling retail, commercial, and light manufacturing scene.

Trumbull, Connecticut
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Trumbull’s appeal is further enhanced by its excellent schools, a safe environment, and a range of conveniences and amenities, making it a great place to call home.

11. Newtown

Newtown, the last town on our list of Connecticut cities near NYC, is a charming small town nestled in Fairfield County, southwestern Connecticut, approximately sixty miles from New York City.

Founded in 1705 and incorporated in 1711, it is comprised of several neighborhoods, including the Borough, Sandy Hook, Hawleyville, Botsford, and Dodgingtown, each with its own unique character and appeal.

Cities in Connecticut Close to NYC: Takeaway

Connecticut, close­ to New York City, has a mix of small-town beauty, top-notch education, and assorte­d people that attract people­ and families. The 11 towns mentioned here provide many different choices, from rich and estee­med to charming and peaceful. This guarante­es that everyone will find something they love in the Nutmeg State.