What’s Inside Alcove Studio Apartments?

By: ROS Team

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It may come as no surprise that there are several available alternatives of apartments for rent in a large metropolis like New York City. If you’re considering moving to a new apartment. Your final decision will be influenced by multiple factors such as price range. The amount of space needed, and the neighborhood.

Before you consider moving into an alcove studio apartment. It is a good idea to get an understanding of what it is and how it differs from a traditional studio apartment. Here’s what you can anticipate when renting an alcove studio in NYC.

1) What is an Alcove Studio Apartment
2) Advantages of Alcove Studio Apartment
3) Drawbacks of Alcove Studio Apartment
4) How Much Do Alcove Studios Cost

What is an Alcove Studio Apartment?

Alcove studio apartments are usually located at one end or the other of a structure, depending on the overall architecture of the unit. Alcove studio apartments have gained popularity among developers in recent years because the alcove feature can provide some justification for charging higher rents to tenants despite the absence of a separate bedroom.

Also, the alcove feature enables renters to create the appearance of having a one-bedroom apartment for less money. Alcove studio apartments have rapidly increased in appeal as giving tenants more for their money.

alcove studio apartment

How Does It Differ From a Regular Studio Apartment?

The primary feature that differentiates alcove studio apartment units from traditional studio apartments is the L-shaped divider in the living room that creates the illusion of a separate room.

An Overview of a Studio Alcove Apartment

Studio alcove apartments give tenants the option of creating separate living and sleeping spaces. In most cases, the space is approximately 8 feet by 8 feet. This is large enough to create a small bedroom space. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether the alcove is used as a separate sleeping area, an office, dining room, or workout space.

alcove apartment

Alcove studio apartments are a little more expensive than standard studio units but are still less expensive than one-bedroom apartments. They’re a great compromise if you want more square footage but can’t afford a one-bedroom apartment.

Alcove studio apartments can vary in size. Typical New York City alcove apartments are approximately 550 square feet; alcove spaces add an additional 40 square feet. The extra square footage can make a lot of difference.

Advantages of Living in an Alcove Studio Apartment

Living in an alcove studio apartment has numerous advantages, including:

1. They Offer More Square Footage than Traditional Studio Apartments

Alcove studio apartments are often larger than traditional studio apartments, thanks to the alcove space.

2. They’re Less Expensive than One Bedroom Apartments

Alcove studio apartments may not technically have bedrooms, which is usually reflected in the monthly rent. But the beauty of this type of apartment is it creates the illusion that there is a separate bedroom because of the alcove.

3. Lower Utility Costs

Alcove studio apartments are smaller than one-bedroom apartments, mainly because there’s only one main area to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As a result, they generate lower utility costs, which makes them more affordable. As a result of their smaller size, your monthly utility bills will be lower than if you were renting a one-bedroom apartment.

4. More Privacy

Alcove units offer more space, and privacy, than studio apartments thanks to the alcove feature. Structures like room dividers or even bookshelves can enhance the level of privacy in alcove apartments.

Alcove studio apartments in NYC tend to be located within the bustling parts of the city. This is a huge benefit if you work near or in that area.

5. Unique Designs

An alcove studio apartment that combines exposed brick walls into the design may give your home a unique industrial feel. The warmth and coziness that the bricks add to the room are definitely benefits.

6. There’s Less Need for Storage Space

Due to their smaller size, studio apartments may be challenging to live in because there’s little storage space.  As a result, most renters are forced to rent offsite storage units to store personal items that won’t fit in the apartment. Of course, the cost of using these storage facilities means an added expense for you. Alcove studio apartments differ in this regard in that they provide a little extra space that can be used for storage if you so choose.

Drawbacks of Living in an Alcove Studio Apartment

1. They are More Expensive than Studio Apartment

The alcove feature creates a larger living space, which comes at a cost. If you select this type of studio apartment, make sure to factor in a higher monthly rent amount when creating your budget.

2. They are Still Smaller than One Bedroom Apartments

Despite having more room than studio apartments, an alcove apartment unit is still much smaller than a standard one-bedroom apartment. Plus, unlike conventional studio apartments, alcove studio apartments may not be spacious enough to build a temporary partition to create additional separate spaces.

3. You may not have a Closet

Many alcove studio apartments do not include closet space, so you will have to create a space for clothes and shoes.

4. It may be too small to Host

Because of their meager square footage, alcove studio apartments can easily become cramped if there are too many people present.

How Much Do Alcove Studios in NYC Cost?

Alcove studio apartments are pretty popular in NYC. Finding available alcove studio apartments in New York City is becoming more difficult. This means many landlords are converting the alcove units they have into one-bedroom apartments to demand a higher rent amount.

One-bedroom apartments can range in cost from $2,600 to $4,500 per month, while studio apartments typically cost $1,700 to $3,000 per month. The price point for alcove studio apartments is likely to lie somewhere in the middle of a one-bedroom and a standard studio apartment.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in renting in NYC, you should anticipate paying more to rent an alcove studio apartment. The benefits may outweigh the costs, especially if renting a one-bedroom is not in your budget and a standard studio apartment is too small for your needs.

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