5 Things To Do If Your Roommate Is Quarantining

By: Abdullah Haroon

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We have been in the middle of what seems a once-in-century event. Covid-19 had brought a sudden change in our lifestyle. Embracing each other and hugging was a common gesture in our gatherings and suddenly shaking hands is no longer a safe act.

Some countries and states have even enacted laws to ensure safety protocols. In these troubled times, the least you would want is to contract the virus or wish no one in your surrounding may have it. Having a roommate is a blessing as it means company when you cannot go and socialize with other friends out. But the situation may not seem very pleasant if your roommate has to quarantine with symptoms of CIVID-19.

Difference Between Isolation and Quarantine:


In the wake of the pandemic, isolation is the first step a person shall take once it is confirmed that he or she is COVID positive. This health protocol is also described by the local health department.

Ideally, the minimum time a patient shall isolate is of ten days or more. Isolation means that a patient must observe a social distance and must try not to get in contact with any healthy individual. Covid-19 is a highly contagious virus and may be spread by a mere company of positive patients.

If someone contracts the virus and happens to live with a roommate, the person must immediately separate herself from others and stay isolated for at least ten days. It is highly recommended to not leave the campus if live in a hostel or an apartment in case of a private residence.

Make sure to get tested first in case there are no symptoms anymore and wait for the test results before blending again into the public.


Health authorities have asked to observe quarantine for fourteen days to see if you really contracted it or not?  While in quarantine, it does not mean that the person is COVID-19 positive instead it reflects that if the person has come in close contact with someone who tests positive, the chance is he/she has also contracted it. So 14 days quarantine is observed to see if symptoms grow or not which would tell if the virus is transferred or not?

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In quarantine, one is supposed to restrict the movement and avoid contact with healthy individuals as well.

If you happened to live on a university campus along with roommates. Make sure to get a separate corner in the hall temporarily or if possible get a separate room in the building. You are not supposed to attend a social gathering and for that sake, even the classes.

Make sure to confirm before again mixing with others that you have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Follow the following protocols:

  • Stay in Separate Rooms:

If you happened to know that your roommate might have come in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 and now needs to be quarantined ask your roommate to stay in a separate room for fourteen days. And if you happen to live in a hall, allocate a separate corner to your roommate.  Try not to come in direct or indirect contact with your roommate who is doing quarantine.

  • Keep your Common Items Separate:

No matter how good friends you were before and never mind about utensils in the kitchen and sharing everything but for a couple of weeks, abandon your habit and separate your items.

  • Wash your Hands Regularly:

Another important action you need to do is to wash your hands regularly. During the quarantine, increase the frequency of washing hands and try to wash them after every activity you do. If you can afford to keep sanitizer, then must buy a sanitizer for yourself.

  • Disinfect the Place more Often:

Prevention is better than cure stands true in all of your acts during the quarantine of your roommate. Use some good sanitizer and disinfect the place more often. Soak a piece of cloth in a sanitizer and rub it on the places where hands are touched such as doorknobs and windows etc.

  • Communicate Digitally:

However, quarantine does not mean you shall leave your roommate all alone in this troubled time. Humans need more attention and care, especially in tough times. So try to stay in touch with your room digitally. As your roommate cannot leave the place, try to bring things she needs from the supermarket.

Apart from needs, people need moral support in tough times. You must take care of your roommate through kind words and keep her encouraged to fight off this time.

What If you have to Quarantine Instead of your Roommate?

Covid-19 is a highly contagious virus and, God forbid, things may change otherwise.  A mere single stroke of bad luck may make you a victim of it. Or it is already the case that you are the sick roommate and need to be quarantined, observe all health protocols. Make an extra effort to not come in contact with anyone. Make sure to not leave the place until you are certain about a negative test of COVID-19. Before your roommates tell you to separate your utensils. You should take a proactive approach and should have done it before their request.

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In addition to it, keep yourself encouraged and busy. Do not overthink in loneliness instead try to learn something new or read books you always wanted to read but could not find a time before.


As long as the vaccine is not developed and tested successfully, keeping a social distance is the only viable mechanism in the fight against Novel Corona. So, be it you are someone else, avoid getting in contact, and keep sanitizing your hands. Have a healthy time.