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The ever popular and trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg is filled with creative residents who run its unique cafes, bars, shops, and galleries. Quirky, to be sure, it’s a neighborhood that’s been defined by experimentation and craft. Still, despite its trendy reputation, its a classic place with a history that’s intertwined with that of greater Brooklyn. This is why you can still spot several examples of beautiful, classic architecture and vintage attractions. There's always something to do in Williamsburg, which is why it has become such a hotspot for New Yorkers looking for an alternative to SoHo or Tribeca.

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $2,990 True Two Bedroom price $3,000 True 3 bedroom $4,000 Studio $2,695

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $899,000 True two bedroom price $1,449,000 True three bedroom $2,325,000 Studio $699,500
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