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The West Village is located in one of the most serene areas in all of Manhattan. Tree-lined streets show off the area's numerous historic brownstones and helps create an atmosphere that makes the West Village feel separate from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Manhattan. The cobblestone streets completely defy the grid system, establishing a quiet, yet unique atmosphere.

The apartments in this neighborhood are more generously sized than those in neighboring areas, which is why they are so coveted. Though secluded, the West Village has excellent access to public transportation. Primarily residential, the neighborhood is laid-back in the daytime, thanks to the lack of office space in the area. At night, it’s much livelier as its residents experience the eclectic bars, restaurants, and nightlife scene.

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $3,735 True Two Bedroom price $4,900 True 3 bedroom $7,400 Studio $3,000

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $1,237,500 True two bedroom price $2,350,000 True three bedroom $5,410,000 Studio $650,000
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