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West Harlem resides just north of Morningside Heights, and this culturally rich and historically significant neighborhood helped propel Upper Manhattan towards the famed Harlem Renaissance. New developments are constantly transforming the area, but it still maintains many of the beautiful buildings that bring to mind the days when this neighborhood was the cultural center of one of the most important American arts movements.

West Harlem’s 125th Street serves the community as the main hub for historic and present institutions. The area is home to many college students, with the City College of New York to its north and Columbia University to its south, but there is a diverse range of people moving into the new developments in this exciting neighborhood every day.

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True one bedroom price is $1,996 True Two Bedroom price $2,400 True 3 bedroom $3,116 Studio $

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True one bedroom price is $ True two bedroom price $ True three bedroom $ Studio $
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