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Downtown Flushing is the largest urban center in Queens and home to the second largest Chinatown in New York City. Get off the 7 subway or the Long Island Rail Road at Flushing Main Street and step into the crowds.

The downtown sidewalks pulse with people of all nationalities but predominantly East Asians, specifically Chinese and Koreans. Signs in Chinese are at least as prominent as those in English. This Chinatown, though, is a real American fusion. For food, there's everything from McDonald's and Chinese seafood restaurants to street vendors selling fried noodles. For drinks, there are Irish bars, Starbucks, and bubble tea cafes. The shopping ranges from the standard Old Navy and upscale Benetton to Chinese bookstores, herbal medicine shops, Asian groceries, and music stores that stock the latest hits from Shanghai.

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $1,800 True Two Bedroom price $2,300 True 3 bedroom $2,590 Studio $1,595

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $548,444 True two bedroom price $856,500 True three bedroom $1,050,000 Studio $
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