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The East Village is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Manhattan. Home to musicians, artists, poets, and many of the biggest names of NYC's famed 1960s counter-cultural movement. While historic prewar buildings provide an old-fashioned charm to the area, a growing number of upscale apartments and condominiums have risen among these classic buildings, creating a fantastic juxtaposition that adds a new chapter to the neighborhood’s extensive history.

Nowadays, the East Village is bustling with activity, with busy streets and full shops at any time during the day. College students, young professionals, and old and new residents make up its diverse, close-knit community that preserves the neighborhood’s richness. With plenty of bars and eateries, the East Village nightlife has plenty to offer visitors and locals alike. Live in one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods that has defined New York City like no other.

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $2,995 Flex one bedroom price $2,452 True Two Bedroom price $3,773 Flex Two bedroom price $3,200 True 3 bedroom $4,579 Flex 3 bedroom price $3,600 Studio $2,452

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $852,500 True two bedroom price $1,495,000 True three bedroom $ Studio $
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