10 Most Landlord Friendly States 2024

By: ROS Team

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Navigating the complexities of property management is challenging for landlords, but selecting the right location can make all the difference. As we pass halfway into 2024, identifying the most landlord friendly states has never been more crucial.

Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or just dipping your toes into the rental market, understanding which states offer the best legal protections, financial incentives, and overall favorable conditions can set you up for success.

What Makes a State Landlord Friendly?

Several factors contribute to a state being considered landlord-friendly. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Favorable Laws and Regulations: This includes things like minimal restrictions on rent increases (or a lack of rent control altogether), clearer lease agreement templates, and easier security deposit deductions for damages.

Efficient Eviction Process: Landlord-friendly states tend to have streamlined eviction procedures with shorter notice periods for non-paying tenants or lease violations. This minimizes financial losses and vacancy periods.

Tax Benefits: Lower property taxes and tax breaks for rental property ownership can significantly improve a state’s appeal to landlords.

Market Conditions: Strong job markets and a healthy demand for rental housing make it easier to find tenants and potentially command higher rents.

Business Environment: Landlord-friendly states might offer resources and support for landlords, along with readily available landlord insurance options.

Best Landlord Friendly States In 2024

1. Texas

Topping the list of most landlord friendly states is Texas! Landlords here enjoy the freedom to set their rental rates without restrictions when a lease expires. Plus, Texas law allows you to collect reasonable late fees if rent isn’t paid on time.

Texas State
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Evictions are also relatively straightforward. Tenants can be evicted for reasons like not paying rent, breaking the lease rules, or if their lease has ended.

While property taxes in Texas – which stand at 1.60% – are a bit higher than the national average, the overall laws heavily favor landlords. For instance, if a tenant skips out on rent, you only need to give them a three-day notice to move out before starting the eviction process.

2. Colorado

Calling all landlords looking for a hassle-free rental experience! Colorado welcomes you with open arms. The Centennial State boasts several landlord-friendly policies. Landlords have the upper hand when it comes to evictions. If a tenant breaks the lease agreement, they can be evicted with just a 3-day notice. Weekly rentals require an even shorter notice of just one day.

Colorado State
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Landlords also have the freedom to enter the property without giving any advance notice to the tenant.  On top of that, property taxes in Colorado are low, at around 0.48%.

There’s more good news! Landlords only need to give tenants three days to settle overdue rent before starting the eviction process. And while some states require returning security deposits quickly, Colorado offers landlords a generous 60-day window.

3. Alabama

Alabama stands out as a landlord-friendly state for several reasons. First, there are no rent control laws, allowing landlords to set their own rental rates. Additionally, rent increases don’t require any advance notice to the tenant. Property taxes in Alabama are also relatively low at 0.41%.

Alabama State
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When it comes to rent payments, landlords aren’t obligated to provide a grace period, so late fees can be applied as soon as the rent is due. Landlords do have some flexibility with security deposits, with the option to take up to 60 days to return them to the tenant after move-out.

Lease termination notices are straightforward, requiring only seven days’ notice for weekly leases and 30 days’ notice for monthly leases.

4. Arizona

Arizona stands out as another landlord friendly state in the United States. There are no rent control laws in the state, allowing landlords to set their rental prices freely. Plus, tenants cannot withhold rent for repairs or other issues. This means you’ll get your rent on time, according to the lease agreement.

Arizona State
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Arizona also boasts a very low property tax rate of around 0.62%, keeping your ongoing costs low. And, if a tenant skips out on rent, the eviction process is swift. Landlords only need to provide a five-day notice before filing for eviction.

Additionally, Arizona allows for a security deposit of up to one and a half month’s rent, offering extra financial protection for potential damages.

5. Ohio

Landlords in Ohio enjoy a fair amount of freedom. There are no limits on how much security deposit they can charge, and they have 30 days to return it after a tenant moves out.

Ohio State
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Additionally, if there’s no lease agreement in place, rent increases are completely up to the landlord, as long as they provide 30 days’ notice.

Even evictions are relatively straightforward, with just 30 days’ notice required for month-to-month tenants and only 7 days’ notice for week-to-week tenants (with some exceptions). These factors make Ohio an attractive option for landlords seeking a business-friendly rental market.

6. Florida

Sunshine and smooth sailing for landlords? Florida might be the perfect fit! The state boasts no rent control laws, giving you the freedom to set rental rates.

Florida State
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Security deposits are also uncapped, allowing you to request an amount that covers potential damages. While returning the deposit can take up to 60 days in some cases, you can also deduct reasonable costs for repairs if the tenant caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Access to your property is a breeze too, with only a 12-hour “reasonable notice” required for entry. To top it off, Florida’s property taxes (0.80%) are lower than the national average, keeping your overhead costs down.

7. Georgia

Number seven on our list of best landlord friendly states in the U.S. is Georgia. Property taxes here are incredibly low at just 0.91%, meaning you’ll keep more of your rental income. Plus, if you encounter tenant problems, eviction is a breeze. Landlords only need to give seven days’ notice before starting the eviction process.

Georgia State
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While there are no laws requiring notice before entering the property, it’s a good idea to give tenants 24 hours heads-up.

The best part? There’s no rent control, so you have the freedom to set your rental rates, and there are no limits on how much you can collect for a security deposit.

However, you are required to return the deposit within 30 days if there’s no damage to the property. With its low costs and straightforward eviction process, Georgia offers a smooth and profitable environment for landlords.

8. Illinois

Despite having the second-highest property taxes in the nation (at 2.07%), Illinois still ranks as a landlord-friendly state. Why?

Illinois State
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It all boils down to high demand. With a whopping population exceeding 12.5 million, there’s a constant stream of renters looking for a place to call home.

Additionally, Illinois makes evictions a smoother process compared to other states. Landlords only need a 10-day notice before filing for court action. Plus, they have up to 45 days after move-out to inspect the property for damages before returning the security deposit.

9. Indiana

Indiana stands out as a landlord-friendly state due to a combination of affordability and strong protections for property owners. Investors are drawn to Indiana’s reasonable housing costs, with a median home price of around $241,778 and an average rent of $1,064.

Indiana State
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But the benefits go beyond price. Indiana boasts low property taxes (just 0.75%), a strict policy against non-paying tenants, and regulations that favor landlords when it comes to security deposits.

There’s no limit on how much a deposit can be, landlords have a generous 45 days to return the deposit, and evictions can proceed quickly with only a 10-day notice required for non-compliance.

10. Kentucky

Calling all landlords in search of a stress-free rental market! Kentucky is another top contender for its landlord-friendly laws. The Bluegrass State lets you set your own late fees, so you’re not stuck with a small penalty for late payments.

Kentucky State
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Plus, there are no limits on what you can deduct from the security deposit for damages – a big advantage for keeping your property in tip-top shape. And while returning the deposit takes 30-60 days, you can keep things moving with a quick eviction process – just a 15-day notice is needed in most cases.

To top it off, Kentucky boasts low property taxes at around 0.80%. With these benefits, Kentucky makes owning rental property a breeze.

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