Here are the 100 Most Affordable Streets and Neighborhoods in NYC

By: Abdullah Haroon November 19, 2021

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Without giving it a second thought, let’s accept that New York City is expensive. When we skimmed through the data to prepare a list of the 100 most affordable streets and neighborhoods in NYC, we came to know that prices are extravagantly high nowadays. But that does not mean there is no place for middle-income people in NYC. The city is big enough to compensate for the potential buyers.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most affordable streets and neighborhoods in NYC to let you have a fair chance to afford a home here.

Note: we worked on the idea to bring 20 most affordable streets or neighborhoods from each borough of NYC. Let us get started with Manhattan.


Manhattan is the most densely populated borough of NYC. It is considered the administrative and financial center of the city. In fact, it has the honor of being called the cultural and financial capital of the world. The borough is bordered by the Hudson River on the east. UN Headquarters are also situated here.


The Following are the 20 Most Affordable Streets of the Manhattan:

1. West 54th Street
2. Madison Avenue
3. West 173rd Street
4. Lexington Avenue
5. West 46th Street
6. West 80th Street
7. Third Avenue
8. West 161st Street
9. Third Avenue
10. East 80th Street
11. First Avenue
12. West End Avenue
13. East 6th Street
14. West 143rd Street
15. East 90th Street
16. West 138th Street
17. East 90th Street
18. Broadway
19. First Avenue
20. West 145th Street


As a matter of fact, Brooklyn is the most populous borough in NYC. Though there has been a recent hike in rents, it remains one of the most affordable spaces in Brooklyn. It is rich in culture and history along with a perfect touch of modernism. Cultural diversity is the hallmark of Brooklyn.

brooklyn bridge

Following are the 20 Most Affordable Streets of the Brooklyn:

1. Park West
2. Brigham street
3. Water Street
4. Ainslie Street
5. Martense Street
6. South 4th Street
7. Powers Street
8. Greene Place
9. 96th Street
10. Boerum Street
11. Arlington Avenue
12. Bay Ridge Parkway
13. Broadway
14. Manhattan Avenue
15. 325 Kent Avenue
16. 65th Street
17. Ridge Boulevard
18. Beverley Road
19. 52nd Street
20. Sterling Place


Queens is another go-to destination when you seek to witness cultural diversity. In fact, it is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world. The fact that almost 160 languages are spoken here fortifies the towering statement it makes.

Historically, the area remained reserved for people with middle income but since prices are increasing everywhere, it followed the suit as well. But that does not mean there are no affordable areas in Queens.

Following the 20 Most Affordable Streets and Neighborhoods in Queens:

1. 70th Street
2. Seagirt Boulevard
3. 10th Street
4. Ash Avenue
5. 64 Road
6. 81st Street
7. 62 Drive
8. Seagirt Avenue
9. Lander Street
10. 135th Street
11. 23rd Avenue
12. 29th Street
13. Avenue
14. Drive
15. Avenue #B2
16. 33rd Street
17. Lefferts Boulevard
18. Street #3J
19. 23rd Street
20. 67th Avenue


If you could not afford a home in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens then the Bronx would certainly open up her arms to warmly welcome you. You must be wondering what lies in the store for you in the Bronx? Well, diversity, convenient commutes, spacious greenery, and well-maintained parks and not to mention the lower prices, of course.

You are likely to find each type of apartment in the borough. The good news is that new affordable housing projects are also under development.

Following are the 20 Most Affordable Streets of the Bronx:

1. Johnson Avenue
2. Grand Concourse
3. 556 Bergen Avenue
4. 556 Bergen Avenue
5. Bergen Avenue
6. Bergen Avenue
7. Tinton Avenue
8. West 238th Street
9. Netherland Avenue
10. Lacombe Avenue
11. Morris Avenue
12. Bergen Avenue
13. De Kalb Avenue
14. Grandconcourse
15. East 187th Street
16. Grand Concourse
17. East 152nd Street
18. Taylor Avenue
19. East 196th Street
20. Bergen Avenue

Staten Island:

Staten Island is the most affordable place to live in NYC. The reason behind this claim is that the living cost in NYC is too high and this is where Staten Island steps in to provide some of the better alternative options. The rents are cheap and the living cost is economical here. Another added benefit is you do not have to deal with the ultra-modern hustle and bustle of the city.

Let us Find Out the Most Affordable Areas on Staten Island:

1. State Street
2. Hamden Avenue
3. Kinghorn Street
4. Daniel Low Terrace
5. Navy Pier Court
6. Fayette Avenue
7. Parkinson Avenue
8. Sand Lane
9. Thompson Street
10. Corson Avenue
11. State Street
12. Graham Avenue
13. Navy Pier Court
14. Navy Pier Court
15. Bay Street Landing
16. Winant Avenue
17. Alter Avenue
18. Mcveigh Avenue
19. Naughton Avenue
20. Clove Road

Final Verdict:

The list pretty much reflects that NYC real estate covers the complete range of housing. It depends on you where exactly you want to move in. If you find yourself short in budget, let that not worry you as you can still find a beautiful home in any of the NYC boroughs.

If you would leave with one takeaway, let it be that NYC is as much an affordable city as any in the United States.